Update May 24, 2023 re abuse in Atlantic Canada

UPDATE: May 24, 2023

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that have been willing to speak up in support of Morgan and others who are unable to speak up because of their own personal trauma.

The men (overseers) that covered up and allowed these abhorrent abuses to continue, instead of stopping the perpetrators…have kept themselves in the place of authority. If these men had any conscience or feelings for these victims these ministers would have humbly stepped aside or left the ministry all together. The thought of these men working amongst our true workers and having authority over them makes me question their motivation. It makes me ill. That they can even show their faces and make decisions and claim they are taking appropriate action is scary and disturbing, They have fought against us for 3 years and refused to do anything appropriate concerning the mess here in Atlantic Canada; we have documented proof. The victims have been told multiple times to remain silent to not tell anyone. These are scary men with a lot of power among the friends who will absolutely listen to and believe whatever they say. If it had not been for the loud consistent cry of all of you that have been willing to stand up and have a voice there is no doubt in my mind that just moving the workers to a different province would have been the only action taken. Still, they refuse to send a letter clarifying the nature of the abuse, harassment and assault and apologize for mishandling it which further traumatized the victims. What we received was not a letter to unite people by acknowledging the truth, but to pacify ignorance.

  • Bob and Stacy Bainbridge

3 thoughts on “Update May 24, 2023 re abuse in Atlantic Canada

  1. My heart has been with both of you and Morgan since I first read of your situation. I fully support your bravery and efforts. I pray the tide will turn with Godly workers replacing the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. So sad. Keep up the fight for truth Bob and Stacy. Spirit of God my teacher be showing the things of Christ to me.
    Jesus would never tolerate emotional or sexual abuse. It is so simple really just do what is right.

  3. Hi Bob and Stacey,
    Keep faith and courage.
    I pray that all who know you, will rise up with courage for truth and demand a gathering for all friends with all ministry in attendance. It sounds like a cleansing needs to take place, through honesty and apology.
    Authoritarians fear a collective united response and transparency.
    Kind regards

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