Richard Ray Hedahl

Hedahl (dob 3/10/1980) of Bremerton WA, was charged in the Kitsap County Superior Court with Child Molestation in the Second Degree for offences between June and August 2003 against a person aged 12-14.

In June 2009 he signed a plea agreement, pleading guilty to assault in the 3rd degree with sexual motivation.

In response to the plea agreement requirement to “note what I did in my own words that makes me guilty of this crime. This is my statement:” noted:

I believe I am innocent of this offense, but I understand there is a substantial risk at trial and I am electing to plead guilty.

The plea agreement provided for a jail term of 3 months, with credit for time served prior to sentencing, and 12 months community supervision.

pdf File for download

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