Chris Chandler and David Leitch letters June 2012

WINGS administrators take no responsibility for the accuracy of these statements.  The opinions expressed, and testimonies received by WINGS are published in good faith of truth and accuracy.  These statements, although published on this website, do not reflect the administrators views or opinions. Some of the people mentioned may have never been charged or found guilty of criminal offences.

Dear Friends,

It is with deep sadness that I tell you that I have stood down from the Work.

The police have questioned me about something which happened when I was a youth. This is years before and completely unrelated to my time in the ministry. I am making every effort to cooperate with the police investigation. It would not be proper to make further public comment about it whilst the investigation continues.

After I began to serve God, I tried to address the issues from my past and a little later, sought professional counseling. I felt this matter had been settled years ago. However, now that this matter has been raised, I feel it is not appropriate for me to continue in the ministry.

I want to thank you for your love and support during my time in the work. I am very grieved for the distress and anxiety that I have caused to any person affected by my past.

Chris Chandler


Dear Friends,

In conjunction with Chris Chandlers’ letter above, I advise that the police have asked me for a list of homes that Chris may have stayed in during the years that he was in your field. I intend to provide the police with all that they require. This means you may receive a call or a visit from the police. Feel free to respond to their enquiries.

Below are the listed fields that Chris was in during his time in Australia, and his companions.

1991 Wodonga Jack Phillips 1st year in the Work.

1992 Shepparton Alan Cain then Jack Philips

1993 Launceston Ray Cruickshank, Evan Jones

1994 Ltn N/W Coast Ray Cruickshank, Evan Jones

1995 Wodonga Ernie Barry

1996 Wodonga Alan Ritson 1/2 year

2003 Ltn N/W Coast Ray Cruickshank

2004 Ltn N/W Coast Ray Cruickshank

If you have any concerns you may contact the Workers in your field, the Police direct (Sergeant Darren Eldridge 5131 7046) or myself.

David Leitch

0417 535 925


Chris Chandler David Leitch letters June 2012

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