Ray Hoffman Letter re Americo Quispe and Ira Hobbs

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On May 30th 2008, Ray Hoffman (overseer of Texas) distributed a letter to most members of the Friends and Workers Fellowship in Texas.

The letter stated that Americo Quispe and Ira Hobbs, two Texas workers, were under investigation by law concerning Child Sexual Abuse. The letter also included an attachment titled ‘Information on Child Sex Molesters’ and an address for a web site which concerns CSA issues.

This makes the third time in less than a year that a letter had been sent out to the friends in an entire state by an overseer dealing with the issue of child molestation by workers in their field. It shows a willingness on the part of some overseers to deal openly, honestly and lawfully with the issue of Child Sexual Abuse when it is brought to their attention.

Ray also pointed out that if anyone suspects that their children were abused that they should contact the authorities before contacting him.

Ray is to be commended for taking the initiative to notify the friends in Texas concerning these abuse issues involving workers in his field. This action (as stated in Ray’s letter) will also “end the speculation and rumors” regarding why the two people are no longer in the work.

Here’s a PDF of Ray Hoffman’s original letter to the friends: PDF of Ray Hoffman letter May 30, 2008

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