Robert Corfield removed from work

Ronan, MT

May 17, 2023

Dear Montana & Wyoming Friends & Workers

As difficult as this is, I must write this letter to you all with the following information that I have recently received.

I was informed that our brother, Robert Corfield, sexually abused minor boys while in the work in Canada prior to coming to Montana. Allegations were brought forward in 1990’s before he was sent to Montana and Robert has admitted the abuse.

After Robert arrived in Montana, he underwent counselling and completed a therapy program for his pedophilia.

It is possible there may be additional victims. If you have been a victim, please reach out to law enforcement in your local jurisdiction and / or someone you trust as soon as possible.

Robert has been removed from the work and meetings.

Respectfully yours

Scott R.


Here is a brief summary of the areas Robert Corfield labored in:

1960s – Oregon

1970s – Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Saskatchewan

1980s – Saskatchewan

1990s – Saskatchewan

2000s – Montana

2010s – Montana

2020s – Wyoming, Montana

He also spent time in India and South Africa.

Robert was a pallbearer at the funeral of Dean Bruer.

23 thoughts on “Robert Corfield removed from work

  1. It is long past time that this Cult needs to be shut down asap due to the high percentage of CSA/SA in leadership (overseers), staff (workers), and members (friends). Someone very close to me professed through Mr. Corfield. Why was a known CSA pervert allowed anywhere near kids? All who knew this fact have blood on their hands.

    • How would one go about getting the church shut down worldwide? To my knowledge there are no worldwide organisations capable of such. Interesting thought though.

      • There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Christian Conventions (the name of the Cult in the USA that George Walker registered many years ago). The proceeds need to go to the class action victims.

    • Spartan you are on this site daily. All you can say is it’s a cult and how you come to that conclusion I’d love to know. Exactly what definition are you using to categorize it as a cult? Yes I’ve looked up the definition.
      Ok so let’s say there is a class action lawsuit and the victims are compensated, the church still can go on as long as there are people willing to be part of it.
      You are generalizing the entirety of the church to be negligent when in reality it’s a percentage of the church. Of all the people you know who are currently part of the church are evil in your eyes?
      I think you need a job or a hobby to get your mind off of a church that you don’t even attend any longer. Stewing about this is not helping your own soul.

      • After being told for decades what to do and what not to do by Cult leadership and staff, much financial support to the Cult, thousands of meetings attended, being lied to about William Irvine and the Cult origin, and told you have a one way ticket to Hell if you are not in the Cult, I really do not need to be told by a Cult member what is good for MY SOUL. The Cult is VERY GOOD at condemning any other Christian. P.S. I really do not care what you or any other Cult member thinks – I paid a great price (including CSA/SA to myself and/or family members) for the years spent in the Cult. Thank God – He led me out of the Cult cesspool to a much closer relationship with Him and any other decent human.

      • Rosa, if you’ve read all of Spartans comments he has been wounded deeply. He was a csa victim, as well as other relatives and he said the final straw was catching a worker in a closet I believe he said with his small daughter. My heart aches for the pain that has been inflicted on him and his family by evil desires from those who claimed to be God’s children. I think before being angry and upset that spartan comments constantly consider his (I’m making an assumption you’re a father here, spartan) broken heart. These things don’t go away, ever. This may be a form of therapeutic outlet for all the wounds that have been carried. Spartan, I’ve never walked in your shoes, but I hear you and want you to know none of what was done was ever ok. I hope you can find peace and solace in God who is truly the ONLY one we can trust.

      • Rosa, I also had to lookup signs of a cult after seeing dogged use of the term. And it begs the question: How can I, a bonified “cult” member, score it 3or4/10 on the culty scale when someone else can score it 10/10? Didn’t we both attend the same “cult”?? (Hmmm, maybe it’s those “thought reform” methods) At any rate, here’s my take on it. 1) Times have changed: Our “cult” has definitely evolved to be less culty over the years and the perceptions of the past are not the reality of today. I acknowledge that years ago, it would score higher on the culty scale. 2) Old law vs. new law: Just like in the bible, you can attempt to serve in the old law way by rules, rules, rules, or in the the new law way by spirit & love. I feel there is a percentage of our “cult” (workers not excluded) that attempt to serve with too much law influence and not enough spirit influence. I was very fortunate with my upbringing, but I was also witness to the “law”-y upbringing of some others, who I’m sure would score us higher on the culty scale. It’s amazing how peoples’ experiences can be so different within the same “cult” and how quickly someone can use a singular experience to generalize the whole.

      • Rosa, You are a perfect example of what is wrong in the “truth”. Belittling, shaming, and attacking someone who is standing up for the victims is exactly the behavior that is soooo very wrong. Shame on you for being cruel to someone who wants to support the victims.

  2. I want to know which Canadian and American overseers decided to move him from Canada to the US. Was it to avoid prosecution in Canada? Whoever made this decision should be removed from responsibility.

    • I had the same thought- to avoid prosecution. They certainly were accomplices. And IF he did complete treatment for pedophilia, ALL of his victims should have been accounted for and identified. Interesting he was a pall bearer for Dean Bruer. Birds of a feather flock together.

  3. Thank you Wings for continuing to share this information. There are reports that many of the friends in rural areas or non-internet users are still unaware of this ongoing betrayal and corruption (beyond BruerGate in March). Some of those that are up to speed are choosing to discount it as “old news” or “the one without sin can cast the first stone” which is disgusting and another slap for all of us CSA survivors.

    The communication from the overseers is negligible. Workers meetings are happening but no word if there will be saint involvement to improve transparency. Why so secretive?

    A lot of my fellow friends are also starting to read about the “Grand Experiment” that William Irvine started in 1897. The book from Cherie Kropp-Ehrig is a great read. Answering a lot of questions and generating a lot of new ones.

    • CSA survivor, We are very rural and these things are coming to light by the grace of God in our area. We are horrified to learn about these things that were done to you but we will not close our eyes to it! We promise we will not let this go, we will fight for you. God has heard your prayers and he is with us.
      To all you sicko’s you know who you are, your free ride with overseers who look the other way is over. To you overseers who have looked the other way, we will find you out as well and you will be removed from your office.
      This is our church where we meet to worship God, we are going to take it back from you unfaithful stewards. To the faithful ones we love you, hold on tight God will bring you through this.

  4. Rebekah,

    I am not a FB user, but I learned this morning the answer to your 2:49PM question is available there. It turns out that is the same former CA overseer I mentioned in item 1 of my 5/17 response on time for changes. If true, this is a very troubling pattern that needs to be pursued further.

  5. “To you overseers who have looked the other way, we will find you out as well and you will be removed from your office”. After seeing this post my first thought was, better get ready for a whole new group of old white guys, because they ALL cover for each other. They can look and act the part but there is much under still water. Then who is going to be promoted? Some empty suit that is no better than the white guy they are replacing.

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