A CSA Code of Conduct was developed by WINGS with the support of workers and members of the fellowship to

  • Reduce the potential for child sexual abuse (CSA);
  • Establish accepted processes to follow when there are allegations of child sexual abuse;
  • Reduce the potential for false CSA allegations against workers; and
  • Promote cooperative relationships with, and attitudes toward, law enforcement agencies, including the criminal justice and child protection systems.

It was not known if this Code had been approved or adopted by any overseer or if any other guidelines have been issued by any overseer, when WINGS published the Code. In the absence of any statement from overseers, this Code was published as a guide to good practice for all friends and workers.

In 2019 WINGS was advised that the fellowship in South Australia and Northern Territory has promulgated a SA NT Workers Code of Conduct and SA NT Child Safe Policy. WINGS welcomes this development and recommends that similar action should be implemented in all other fields.

In 2021 a Child Safe Policy was issued to British Columbia workers.

See Child Safe Policy for British Columbia workers – issued 2021

and Workers’ Code of Conduct – British Columbia 2021

In 2023 WINGS was provided with the latest Policy Statements and Codes for all Australian States. They are available here:

Child-Safe Policy – Victoria and Tasmania, Australia – 2021 edition

Code of Conduct – Victoria and Tasmania, Australia – 2021 edition

Child-Safe Policy – NSW and ACT, Australia – 2019 edition

Child Safe Policy – South Australia and Northern Territory 2020 Edition

Child Safety Code – Western Australia 2021 Edition

Childhood Wellbeing – Queensland, Australia 2020 edition

A professing psychotherapist wrote to workers in April 2023 with sound advice, including how to listen.
See Advice to workers from professing psychotherapist – April 2023

Resources for Survivors

In most parts of the world there are government and private organisations to support CSA survivors. The country specific links shown at the bottom of this page have contact details for some support groups.

If you feel overwhelmed or uncertain you could contact WINGS – we would be happy to help find the right resource for you.

WINGS has produced a general Brochure that you can print and give to someone who may not have access to this web site, and another brochure HowToTalkToChildren


Much of the material on the Wings web site is directed toward adult victims, but we also recognise the importance of prevention of further abuse. One important aspect of prevention is education of parents and children. Links to various resources for parents are on the Parents page.

Although the Wings web site is focused on prevention and treatment of Child Sexual Abuse, we also recognise that physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect are also wrong and incredibly damaging to children. We support every effort to stop all child abuse.

Resources that are more appropriate to specific countries are on the following pages:



New Zealand

United Kingdom

United States

Other Links:

Child Abuse links on the DMOZ Open Directory Project.

S.N.A.P: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests is an independent, confidential network of survivors of religious sexual abuse and their supporters who work to Protect the vulnerable; Heal the wounded; and Prevent the abuse.

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  1. Thank you very much for these helpful resources. Would it be possible to update the link to the CSA code of conduct above? Thanks again.

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