Jim Holt notification that Robert Flippo no longer a worker

From: Jim Holt

Date: Tue. May 9, 2023, 8:35 PM

Subject: Robert Flippo

Dear friends,

We are sorry to send this note, but feel we should let you know there are allegations against Robert Flippo of inappropriate conduct with women. Even though some things happened many years ago, it has now been deemed best that he not be active in the work.

Additionally, as a reminder, if you have been a victim of abuse, you can visit RAINN.org or call their hotline at 800. 656.HOPE for information on reporting to authorities and for support services. Also feel free to reach out to us if you need additional support.

With care,

The VA/MD/DE/NC Staff


Robert Flippo has been laboring in Maryland in 2023. In previous years, he has been in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. He also spent time as the overseer of Georgia.

WINGS understands that other allegations are being investigated.

10 thoughts on “Jim Holt notification that Robert Flippo no longer a worker

  1. It is amazing to me that these cult leaders continue to refer to CSA and SA abuses as “some things”. In addition, they act as if the passage of time decreases the impact that these horrible acts had and continue to have on the victim.

    • I have to agree with you spartan, using the passage as time to minimize it is DISGUSTING. Do we somehow believe it makes it less wrong or hurtful because it was covered for YEARS. I hate they are trying to minimize it all by length of time

  2. My,my…just one after another. It’struley a time of purging. Thank you, Wings for Truth, for letting God use you for the sake of His Kingdom.

  3. I believe the inappropriate behavior with adult women could be eliminated if the workers were allowed to be married. I think the environment they are forced to be in is toxic and breeds this kind of behavior. Maybe even attracts the pedophiles!

  4. My 16-month old grandson is learning to talk. One of the first things he learned to say is “uh-oh.” When someone’s testimony gets emotional, he says “uh-oh.” When meeting goes a bit long, he starts saying “uh-oh.” I think his elder appreciates the help.

    We’re definitely in the “uh-oh” season.

    My grandson is also learning some sign language. The first thing he does when we FaceTime is the sign for “show-me.” He wants to see stuff. He doesn’t sign “tell me” but “show me.”

    We have been in the “tell me” season for a long while, and now we are in the “show me” season. It isn’t pretty.

    If you think I sound disappointed, you should talk to my God-fearing children. The Ministry (the real ministry) that Jesus established is alive, well, and settled. The ministry we are currently witnessing has 1) allowed, 2) hidden, and 3) participated in immorality and abuse. So have others, to be fair. And also to be fair, not everyone is in on it. That is something to be thankful for.

    This morning, weeping as I write this and thinking of the next generation, I would rejoice if we could start over with one set of young brother workers for all of North America. In the meantime, I am going to continue praying, keeping a soft heart, and doing my best to feed and encourage the little flock I’m responsible for.

    With love to you all.
    Paul Svendsen
    Bend Oregon USA

    • Please read the wonderful book, Preserving the Truth, by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig. You will learn that one set on male workers did sail into New York harbor in 1903, one being the founder on the Cult, William Irvine (reputed to be a real ladies man, and may have even put Mr. Bruer’s exploits to shame). The other two being George Walker and Irvine Weir.

  5. Whoever wrote this letter, whether it be an individual or a collective group…you need to take a hard look at how you word things.
    “Even though some things happened many years ago”….? So what is the appropriate timeline for things to be taken more seriously? Yesterday? Two days ago? Because at one point these “some things” were yesterday.
    Don’t we believe the blood of Jesus is still applicable even though his sacrifice was “many years ago”? Whoever wrote this isn’t qualified to deal with such matters. No surprise there.
    Do we really believe that God is leading the ministry? When the news broke about Dean Bruer, we all heard the, “well there’s always going to be a Judas in the mix”…but there was only one Judas in the mix of the 12 disciples. It looks like there now may be 1 Judas out of EVERY 12. God is leading the ministry? Is he leading the overseers too? Overseers using their “best judgment” to make decisions for the flock when they can’t even use their best judgment for themselves. Politics are politics and you are terrible at doing them. I don’t care who your buddy is. Wrong is wrong. Black and white, like Jesus right? No grey area. Looks pretty gloomy gray lately. Do better or get out of the work. Period.

  6. “Happened years ago” is not a reason to discount anything like this.

    It amazes me that 44 years after the brother worker who groomed me from the age of 13, then attacked me when I turned 18 (smart pedophile – wait til the legal age to claim ‘consensual’), that, even though I haven’t dwelled on it, I still feel the sense of injustice and betrayal. I’ve brought this up in therapy sessions and am better, but the event really rocked me – it caused me to look more deeply into behaviors of the other brother workers and what I found, was shocking! It kept me from going into the work and a few years later, I left the fellowship. I have a hard time trusting people and I wince when I read or hear about the ongoing history – legacy of hiding child sexual assault and sexual assault for DECADES. ‘For the sake of the kingdom’ or ‘for the preservation of the truth’ you have ignored and explained away indecency and sexual assault. In your interest in protecting the ‘way’, lives have been shattered and now the precious name of the nameless church is mentioned with scathing derision. And deservedly so. You have brought it on yourselves.

    I left without telling anyone about what happened to me. Now, after 44 years I’m talking. And before you dismiss this as the rantings of some whacko, and because I know we all tend to believe someone who can prove his bonafides, I’ll tell you I am a university graduate who has had a wonderful and prosperous career and have done very well for myself. I am a Christian, a student of theology, a guy who prays, serves the homeless and hosts a weekly dinner for the community about 40 weeks a year for 14 years, where I bring people of widely varying backgrounds together to create community in this rather polarized world. I am no saint. I am blessed, however, to know that in all my raging vices and my purring virtues (thanks Smedes), I am accepted by Grace. Jesus is my example, yes. Jesus ALSO is my savior – which gives me forgiveness, grace and peace.

    So I would encourage the ‘friends’ to ask hard questions and not wait to hear from the overseers and listen to what those old guys deem ‘necessary to discuss’. This secrecy has not served anyone well. In fact, it has hurt hundreds. You have pedophiles who have been hiding behind that secrecy for years. You have sexual predators amongst your leadership who are hurting people. Ignoring it doesn’t work and doing so is immoral if not illegal.

    Those of us who have left aren’t ‘bitter’, we’re injured and pissed off. Big difference. Angry that those we trusted have victimized us.

    ASK THOSE WHO ARE LEAVING WHY THEY ARE DOING SO. From what I know, it isn’t because they are sick of wearing a bun and a dress or because they want to dance (I still suck at dancing – thanks to the fellowship! Ha!) it’s because they’ve been damaged. Hurt. Even raped.

    And when we call these felons out (and yes, in a number of states, even consensual sex between legal adults when one is a minister, is illegal), as a child of God, your only job is to listen, believe us and support us. AND the most important, when you are made aware of sexual assault of ANYONE, go to the police, not your uneducated and ill-equipped workers and overseers. They have proven they are at best, incapable and at worst, complicit.

    Just because some who is accused ‘is a nice person’ or ‘has a wonderful testimony’ doesn’t mean they’re not a predator. Predators are clever, intelligent people who also are monsters. Both can be true. My attacker was all of that – but I was a better wrestler and got out from under him before he raped me.

    And finally, you folks who say, “We’ll look into this because, well, false accusations…” May I point out that research shows just between 2% and 10% of sexual assault reports are fabricated. Trust me when I tell you, it happened and is still happening. You aren’t ‘being attacked by Satan from without’, no my friends, Satan is working within your group. He is real and he’s got a hold on some of your most trusted workers and friends. Ask the question yourself and report what you hear and see. Do it for your kids. Do it for young workers who are ready to go into the work like me. Do it for the sister workers who are being mistreated. I know quite a few of them. Do it because JESUS WOULD.

  7. “Some things happened many years ago” — and most likely continued to happen! The predator finally got caught. Spartan is right, it does not matter the time between the assault and today for the victim. The assault changes the victim’s life and today the victim has to live with the harmful actions the assault had on their life. The victim’s life is FOREVER changed. The PREDATOR creep goes on to the next victim until they are caught. The worker lifestyle of single adult men living in among individuals that do not know the mens pent up sexual needs is a recipe for disaster. And, it’s not going to get better. This practice has got to stop!

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