Letters from Friends and Workers

WINGS administrators take no responsibility for the accuracy of these statements.  The opinions expressed and testimonies received by WINGS are published in good faith of truth and accuracy.  These statements, although published on this website, do not reflect the administrators’ views or opinions. Some of the people mentioned have never been charged or found guilty of criminal offences.

The historic practice of many religious and other groups was to keep any incidents of CSA secret. This had the appalling result that perpetrators were able to continue their evil acts against further unsuspecting and innocent children and those who had already been abused were not properly assisted with their process of healing, including seeing justice.

In March 2023 there was widespread exposure on social media that deceased overseer Dean Bruer had been a sexual predator and abuser of adults and minors. See Notification Letters to Friends and Workers for some of the letters that were issued once the news became public. As some overseers and workers were hesitant in their disclosure, many friends recognised the need for proper disclosure of the circumstances and of links to support organisations for victims. Lauren Rohs circulated a letter to friends March 2023 and created the website http://voicesforthetruth.org/ 

LETTERS from  friends and workers supporting stronger and more open action against CSA

Ex-worker shares: Resources for understanding abuse in church and institutional responses to abuse

Friends and workers meeting in Georgia re CSA and SA

Open letter from an ex-worker

A parent’s perspective on CSA issues and contact with perpetrators

Woodstock convention – update May 20, 2023

Concerns about convicted CSA offender attending meetings in Queensland, Australia

Letter from ex-sister worker – May 2023

Suggestions to address serious concerns about the Ministry

A plea to fight for the necessary changes

Woodstock 2023 convention cancelled: Punishment?

Email from Bob and Stacy Bainbridge re worker abuse and lack of transparency

Advice to workers from professing psychotherapist – April 2023

Letter from friends to Overseer Merlin Affleck and Vancouver Workers

A mother’s letter to the brother workers – April 2023

Adult-Adult Abuse

Letter from Canadian worker Alanna McDonald to friends – April 2023

Letter from USA Friends to 43 Overseers and some Elders – August 2013

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