WA/N ID/AK workers, elders and friends notified that John Mastin is leaving the work due to child abuse in Pohnpei

Dear WA/N ID/AK workers, elders and friends,

Recently, John Mastin confessed to sexually abusive behavior involving a minor during his time on Pohnpei.  We have recently received other similar allegations from victims and their families which indicates a troubling pattern.  We are in touch with some who have connections with Pohnpei, and are offering our support to those involved. None of the allegations involve people who are currently minors.  We are very sorry for the pain this has caused, and we want any other victims or people with concerns to feel free to come forward and be heard.

During our visit with John, we all agreed to the following conditions:

  • He is stepping down from the work.
  • He will not be attending any meetings until further notice.
  • He will immediately seek professional therapy.

Early this week, we plan to send an email with educational documents that will direct each of us to practices and awareness that will help keep us safer.

Your brothers,

Brian, Wayne, Darryl

For those who would like resources, please see:

RAINN – the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization 1-800-656-HQPE (4673)






8 thoughts on “WA/N ID/AK workers, elders and friends notified that John Mastin is leaving the work due to child abuse in Pohnpei

  1. So none of the allegations involve minors? What about the headline that states John Mastin is leaving the work due to child abuse in Pohnpei? Whoever wrote this letter should understand we know how to read and comprehend.

  2. The allegations against John Mastin involved minors (at the time). This was over 40 years ago but does not lesson the seriousness of this “crime” at all.

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  4. If you see something, say something. Not that we want to be Tattletails, but there is a verse, “open your mouth for the dumb” or for those who can’t speak for themselves.

    • Here’s a non-verse truism.
      “Silence is Golden. Just don’t let it turn Yellow.”
      -Tom Clarke wrkr circa 1979

      He was referring to cowardice or fear in not speaking up for what’s right or NOT right. Good advice still. Abuse was NEVER acceptable.

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