About CSA

The “About CSA” topic has several sub-pages, mostly taken from CSOM – Center for Sex Offender Management, US Dept of Justice:

Definition of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse)

Child sexual abuse is defined and there’s a section on signs and symptoms for which to look.

Effects of CSA

The effects of abuse depend on a variety of factors. Psychological effects and long-term effects are discussed.

Some CSA Statistics

Some interesting statistics on the prevalence of child sexual abuse. There are statistics on survivors, offenders and recidivism.

The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome

The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome is a simple and logical model which can be used to help in understanding and accepting the ways in which many children react to sexual abuse.

What is a Pedophile?

In this article from the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, pedophilia is defined, along with the profile of a pedophile. The article describes how they entice, ensnare and groom their targets. Also included are their general characteristics, how they justify their actions, what causes pedophilia and comments on treatment, recidivism and the difference between “sick” and “evil.”

Paedophilia – Public Health Problem of the Decade by Dr W. F. Glaser (University of Melbourne Department of Psychiatry) is a paper presented at a 1997 conference organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology, titled “Paedophilia – Policy and Prevention.”

It was reprinted with full references in the AIC Research and Public Policy Series No. 12

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