Jackie Shinogle – CSA offender – attends meetings in Colorado

In 2003, Jackie Shinogle pleaded guilty to a felony charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and a misdemeanor charge of sexual assault. Charges of tampering with a victim and tampering with physical evidence were dropped as part of a plea agreement. These charges stemmed from a “relationship” he had maintained over the course of several months with a 15 year old girl, who he coached in softball. He was a Fort Collins softball coach and school teacher.

He was sentenced to 45 days jail, four years probation, a program of intensive supervised treatment for sexual offenders and to register as a sex offender.

In 1993 Shinogle was charged with sexual assault on a 12 year old child, relating to actions in 1985 when Shinogle was the victim’s gym teacher. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment.

Jackie Shinogle has been attending meetings for many years without restrictions in the North Central field in Colorado. Families who met with him were not notified of his crimes. He is believed to be currently attending. His overseer is Titus Lehman.

7 thoughts on “Jackie Shinogle – CSA offender – attends meetings in Colorado

  1. It is imperative that people be aware. How can we allow this any longer? This behavior of secrecy is hideous, sad, and ppl need to be loud and speak up!

  2. To Titus Lehman,

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to continue going to meetings when workers allow perpetrators to attend meetings.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, perpetrators have no business in meetings. They can listen from home and should not take part. I say this because if they are taking part it re-victimizes anyone that has suffered from molestation.

    • Titus seems to have a history of actively covering for criminals.
      I have a close friend that had a talk with Titus regarding an abuse victim. When my friend told me the victims story it made me want to vomit but Titus seemed to be ok with it based on his non action.
      It’s time to look past the pretty words and the soft voices and look at the works.

      • Rick,

        Thank you for sharing – can you elaborate on if the perpetrator was in the ministry? Was this CSA ? Is the perpetrator still in attendance?

        Titus has not protected young woman, this is a fact. He sees nothing wrong with workers going into a home where they have been asked to stay away from the girls rooms. There were NO boundaries adhered to from one female worker & two male workers.

        Not only that but the girls aren’t part of the fellowship – they were just house sitting for a “friend” who was out of town. They were told by Titus it was only a “Mom and Daughter” staying for a day or two.
        He knew of what was happening and did nothing.

        There was no SA. This IS however not normal behavior to allow!

  3. Not condoning any of Titus’s decisions or actions, but some background may shed light. Titus was born into an Amish family. Some in his family left the Amish sect and joined the 2×2 religion. He has siblings and other relatives in the Amish religion. There is documented evidence that the Amish suppress CSA/SA victims. Similar to what has been done in the 2x2s. Again, this is no excuse if Titus has done anything wrong. For reference, please see Exodus 34:7. Only with God’s help, can one break the cycle.

  4. How do we look up the term of Jackie Shinogle parol? How do we find out if he’s leaually allowed around youth? I tied to use his name in the national sex offend register, couldn’t find him.

    Let’s say he is leagually allowed around youth, are there any circumstances that he could attend meeting (not saying he should, but opening up the conversation)? I.e. with an assigned sponsor/chaperone and some sort of signed document with terms? One recommendation I saw like this was on the pasted website. It has some good deals on how to handle these situations with several options, including a three tired approach : https://www.agfinancial.org/resources/article/church-liability-and-registered-sex-offenders

    However, this three tiered approach does not take into account how survivors feel about this person going to meeting.

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