Jeff Thayer steps down as worker

Dear friends in Minnesota and Iowa,

We are collectively sorry for lapses in communication in the past. We are working together to correct this. We are sorry for the confusion and uncertainty you have felt.

Around 15 years ago there was an allegation against Jeff Thayer regarding a relationship with an adult woman. Some of the concern is with how it was handled. Monday Jeff returned early from his Orient tour because of this issue. He is stepping aside from the work and will be going to his brother’s home in another state. We want to assure you the case is not closed. We will keep you posted as this develops.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any worker you feel comfortable with to answer questions or share concerns.

Shari Stamps and John Simons are available as a resource for the S Minneapolis field.
Shari Stamps [phone and email redacted but available from WINGS on request]
John Simons [phone and email redacted but available from WINGS on request]

With sincere care,

The IA/MN staff


A worker has been defending Jeff, stating “Unfortunately Jeff is being ‘attacked’ by people who are no longer part of our fellowship. Some of you may have seen the letter which appeared on Facebook. It depicts something that may have occurred 15 years ago… some inappropriate sexual behaviour. It seems to me that all is blown way out of proportion & I feel very deeply for Jeff in this humiliating experience”.

WINGS understands that the matter was reported by a person who is a member of the fellowship.

Jeff Thayer has previously stated “I found myself investigated twice. Both times yielded up no evidence for the allegations…”


13 thoughts on “Jeff Thayer steps down as worker

  1. By my count, this makes at least three cult leaders (Bruer, Huddle, Thayer) and one former leader (Flippo) removed due to CSA and/or SA issues since the Bruer news surfaced recently (eight months too late, thanks to Mr. Smith). I have lost track of the number of staff workers that have been removed from various states for the same issues. Thanks to God that He was able to remove us from this perverted group. What a nightmare.

    • Yes spartan, things are looking rather grim no doubt. But I am thrilled to see the cleansing and purging that needed to happen for so long. Including you being purged from us. I too am thankful God removed you.

    • Are you referring to this group of people with some (not all) similar beliefs a “CULT” ??
      I find YOUR “judgments” of absolutely NO value. Dr. Spartan 🙄

      • Please read Cult to Christ – The Church With No Name and the Legacy of the Living Witness Doctrine, by Elizabeth Coleman. Give special attention to the chapter named “The Cult Mentality”. This is an excellent book that is in at least its second printing.

    • Dear Spartan, I wish you would come back. There are many changes that need to happen. We feel the same way. My family and friends have been talking and decided not to leave, but, where we see a lack of joy, thankfulness, Love, etc, in a mt. or anywhere, may God use us by filling us with His Holy Spirit, to help bring those things back to the mtgs. again, so there is new Life again! We need you! May we just all keep faithful and do what we can in our little place before God. I believe He will return soon~

  2. 15 years ago is not a defense, it is appalling. It is a cover up that multiplies the crime and the enablers become as guilty as the perpetrators. I believe they should be removed as well. I am thankful God is shining a light on this darkness and I’m afraid there’s a lot more.

    • Seems sad that you believe a worker should “be removed” without knowing the story. Just as in Joseph’s day anyone can accuse anyone of anything. But seems if it hits print it is presumed fact. The allegations are concerning one adult woman, and who could produce no evidence, 15 years ago. Yet you put him in the same catagory as a pedifile with multiple victims surfacing? What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? I think if the accusation were brought against you, (which it easily could be), you would appreciate those who withheld such hasty censorship.

  3. “None of us could have known that Dean (Bruer) had this problem. However, it is so and we all must face it”, said Jeff Thayer. None of us could have known Jeff Thayer had a problem and was hiding it either. Then post here attack Spartan for telling the truth about the ” truth”. People love to bury their heads in the sand just to keep the status quo. In the end all those people will be left with is the “status quo”, which is a man made group controlled be egotistical creepy old white guys that want their own way and power. It doesn’t matter who they hurt, they are in it for themselves. Just like the church founder, William Irvine. A creepy, egotistical, ladies man. The ” truth” looks good at first glance, but so does many other things that are not good.

    • While the “white guys” thing really has no place here, many of us are coming to the conclusion that we really didn’t fully understand what we are a part of.

  4. Wait. Jeff had a relationship with someone decades ago? Was it consensual? If so, I don’t care. Did anyone get cheated on? Was the woman married? If not, who cares? Let’s talk about the real issue of abuse – sexual, psychological, physical, mental, spiritual. Every single one of us has done something that is considered a “sin.” I don’t care about consensual relationships where there was no cheating that happened 20 years ago.

    • You might not care, but people in positions of power who have relationships with people they have power over, is generally illegal for a reason. Coercion, control, the woman not being able to speak to anyone without losing her job or reputation makes it a very unequal relationship. Not to mention, flings are not allowed by workers.

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