Jerome Frandle’s letter to Michigan Friends September 2011

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September 16, 2011

Dear Friends and Fellow Workers,

The purpose of this letter is to clarify facts regarding the criminal acts of two of our former Michigan workers, so there will be no confusion regarding their innocence or guilt. I would have greatly preferred the need for the letter to have never arisen.

At the Mecosta County Court, April of 2010 Peter Mousseau pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct with a 11 year old girl in Fork Township while staying in the home of her parents in 1993. On Monday June 21, 2010 Peter was sentenced to five years on probation in Mecosta County’s 49th Circuit Court and ordered to register as a sex offender as well as being prohibited from having contact with children. Now word has come to us that on Thursday August 25, 2011, Peter was sentenced from two to ten years in prison for sexually assaulting a girl between the age 8 and 13 while in the ministry in Chippewa County in 1997.

On Monday February 8, 2010, we went to the Huron County Circuit Court where Darren Briggs was sentenced to 180 days in the Huron County jail with 9 months probation and court fines and fees for a fourth-degree criminal charge stemming from an incident with a young boy in November 2006. When learning that Darren was under investigation a letter was sent to our people in Michigan stating this fact and encouraging them to contact the nearest police post if they had any suspicion regarding the behavior of anyone.

Excerpts from my letter written February 1, 2008: We are asking those of you who have children who have been in contact with him or anyone who you have had some suspicions regarding their behavior as being unbecoming or inappropriate, contact the nearest Michigan State Police Post with a written report and let me know so I can turn over the information to assist the authorities involved in this investigation.  If there has been in the past, future or any other such indecent or immoral action by anyone, friend, worker relative, neighbor… we suggest you contact the local law enforcement authorities. We are in full co-operation with them.

We are saddened, to say the least, by these shameful acts among us, in the homes of our dear friends who have trusted us and cared for us. Our heart goes out to these victims and families involved. We pray that their faith in God will be preserved and they will continue to know the comfort and healing of heart and mind that He alone can give. Needless to say, it is a hindrance to the Gospel effort and can negatively affect confidence in those who are true in upholding the standard of holiness and purity the Lord Jesus lived and taught.

We also feel for these men who have fallen to such depths of immorality. We know their soul is important to God. We pray there may be mercy shown to them and restoration regarding their standing with God, when there is complete acknowledgement of their wrong with repentance.

We are continuing to put forth effort to prohibit such horrible indecencies from occurring amongst us or among anyone we know. All the ministers of our faith in Michigan have had online Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Training with Ministry Safe based at Fort Worth, Texas. This is a Texas state approved training for staff members and volunteers of various churches, charities and ministries. Also we are continually warning our people of inappropriate behavior with children and with adults.

We admire the courage of those who come forward and stand up and speak against those who have committed such shameful indecencies against them and others. This experience has moved us to be more alert and to have greater feelings for others in this world who have also gone through trauma of child molestation or abuse.

Sincerely your brother in Christ,


Jerome Frandle

PDF Copy: Jerome Frandle’s letter to Michigan Friends September 2011 re Peter Mousseau and Darren Briggs

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