Braydon Dutton removed from work

Message from Scott Rauscher April 14

Braydon D. is now with his folks here in Billings.

He will take time out of the work.

We are deeply grieved that these necessary steps are being taken. Braydon will need to remain out of the work at this time.

We are encouraging him to get needed counseling and therapeutic help for his inappropriate & unbecoming behavior.

Braydon has terrible remorse that he has caused such great concern & harm.

We do not believe that there are any criminal acts involved.

We will support him as best we can to go forward and find his steps ordered in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Braydon Dutton removed from work

  1. I wish any yet unnamed perpetrators (if any) would step forward on their own. THEY know who they are.
    It would save those who HAVE to call them out a lot of grief and pain. The victims FIRST, (in my mind) then the honest souls who are forced (rightly) to TAKE the necessary preventative action.
    I’d feel just a TAD more pity for them (😢) if their acknowledgement of preying on innocents was self-propelled, if it occurred. Hopefully 🤞 some have done so or will do so.
    Judas recognized and admitted his human failings a bit late.
    (Not for ME to judge any, This I KNOW). My humble opinion only.

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