Lyle Schober Letter

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PDF Copy: Lyle Schober’s Letter

315 Pineview Lane N.

Plymouth, MN 55441

August 28, 2007

Dear Friends;

We have come to the conclusion that it would be wise to inform you of recent developments of one of the Minnesota workers. We are sending this letter to every home on our Minnesota list of friends. Many of you would not have children in your care but may be grandparents or otherwise have special concerns. We have become aware that there is information circulating so we want to end the speculation and give you the facts as we know them.

On July 27, Tim Severud was arrested and jailed for multiple counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree with a child under age of 13. Criminal Sexual Assault against a child is categorized as First, Second, Third, Fourth or Fifth Degree, with First Degree being the most serious.

According to the Criminal Complaint, Tim was caught in the act of molesting a 10-year old girl, with another child in the room. The children in the case were female, age ten and under. Tim is currently in jail under the custody of the Douglas County Sheriff’s department. Legal proceedings will continue, and the process of the law will determine innocence or guilt in this case. Because of the dangerous nature of these charges, we feel that it is our responsibility to alert you to this situation at this time.

This letter serves to inform all parents and other caregivers that you should immediately have a conversation with any child in your care who could have been alone with Tim at any time to determine if inappropriate sexual behavior took place. Molestation can have serious emotional, psychological and spiritual effects on a child, and this issue should be taken very seriously. We also urge you to forward a copy of this letter to the parents or caregivers of any child who may have spent time alone with Tim.

Tim spent a lot of time in the homes of families and was well liked and trusted by parents and children. Some of the alleged crimes that Tim was arrested for took place during what could seem like innocent play to a child. If your child has been molested, he or she may be confused about what happened. It’s common in these situations for the child to feel that anything inappropriate that happened was somehow their own fault. A pedophile will frequently tell the child that what he does with them is a secret and they should not tell anyone about it.

If you are aware or learn of any inappropriate sexual behavior, you should immediately call the law enforcement authorities in the area it occurred.

In regards to Tim; our concern is the welfare of his soul. He will no longer be in the work here in Minnesota or elsewhere. Tim will not be attending any of our meetings until the legal process and ensuing treatment be completed and only then with the approval of those who he may be meeting with.

The enclosed page has some general information about pedophiles.

Sincerely, your brothers in Christ,

[Signed by Craig Winquist and Lyle Schober]

Information on Child Sex Offenders

How many victims does a child molester average?

Interviews guaranteeing complete confidentiality and immunity from prosecution, conducted by Emory University psychiatrist Dr. Gene Abel uncovered that:

  • Male offenders who abused girls had an average of 52 victims each.
  • Men who molested boys had an astonishing average of 150 victims each.
  • Only 3% of these crimes had ever been detected.

How do child molesters get into situations where they can exploit children?

Due to the nature of their sexual addiction, few pedophiles are able to resist their powerful urges to initiate contact with children and will go to great lengths to do so.
Common strategies include:

  • Befriending parents, particularly single patents, to gain access to their children.
  • Offering babysitting services to overextended parents or caregivers.
  • Taking jobs and participating in community events that involve children.
  • Attending sporting events for children and/or offering to coach children’s sports.
  • Volunteering in youth organizations, offering to chaperone overnight trips.
  • Loitering in places children frequent – playgrounds, malls, game arcades. Etc.
  • Spending time in Internet gaming and social communities, learning the online interests and lingo of youngsters.
  • Becoming foster parents.

Wouldn’t a vigilant parent be able to detect a child molester, just by their actions?

Net necessarily. Always remember:

  • Pedophiles are notoriously friendly, nice, kind, engaging and likeable.
  • Pedophiles target their victims, often Insinuating themselves into that child’s life-their family, school, house of worship, sports and hobbies.
  • Pedophiles are professional con artists and are expert at getting children and families to trust them.
  • Pedophiles will smile at you, look you right in the eye and make you believe they are trustworthy.



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