Scott Hamilton leaves the work

Scott Hamilton has left the work, after previously being in Maine and then returning to Wisconsin.

Glenn Gasser said it was not for immoral reasons in the email he sent to the Appleton field:

“Scott Hamilton returned to Appleton today. He will be helping at home and seeking employment in the area. This is not for any immoral reason. He valued his time in the work & we will try to stand by him in this transition.”


26 thoughts on “Scott Hamilton leaves the work

  1. The 2×2 leadership and staff in Wisconsin have a long and sordid history of CSA/SA starting with “overseer” Peter Hunter covering for “worker” Charles Preston after he exposed himself to a 12 year old girl in a park in 1963. This repulsiveness continued through to Peter Mousseau’s CSA conviction in 2010. There have been numerous “friends” in Wisconsin to be known and/or convicted CSA perverts (four of which were recently exposed on “Wings for Truth”). Not surprised one bit that Gasser is trying to now cover for Mr. Hamilton. Wondering if Peter Hunter and Charles Preston were two of the “true men” that were “a great help and encouragement to me” in “my youth” that he referenced in his March 2023 letter. If so, he learned very well.

  2. Oh no, not Scott too!!! I’ve know Scott since he was a little boy! It just pierces my heart to the very core!!! We are so blind and trusting without our Father to reveal these horrible things to us…one after another!

    • It was stated not for immoral reasons.

      And sadly, those we knew since children or are special to us for some reason are not exempt from sinning.

  3. Do you guys not read the entire post? It says Scott DID NOT leave for any immoral reason. It would be better to assume positive things of him and best to not assume anything at all.

    • Julie,

      Numerous allegations of contacting minors and women inappropriately on social media. I hope this posting is an avenue for others to post their experiences with Mr. Hamilton if they so choose. If a crime was committed, it may encourage someone to come forward.

    • The post was since edited. It previously did not have the letter from Glenn, but a paraphrasing, and then information that Scott had been contacting underage girls in some manner. Implying that Glenn was covering for Scott.

      Wish there were edit notes or retraction notes so we could understand why it was changed.

  4. A person has notified WINGS:
    I met Scott at a convention a few years ago and it seemed like a normal safe friendship for awhile but then messages started to seem a little inappropriate and weird me out.
    I didn’t say anything because he was somewhat carefully walking the “what is appropriate” line – but eventually I had to block him. He was snap chatting me things like “miss you” “it’s beautiful here- wish you were here with me” … he’d commit on how beautiful my smile was in an instagram picture or how much he enjoyed seeing me on my instagram story. My last straw was this Valentine’s Day when he snapped me a romantic picture of him and said “happy Valentine’s Day” I know this isn’t abuse but it’s definitely inappropriate, and I feel bad if others are saying the same thing and overseers are not believing them!
    He was obsessive in his text – so many in one week even if I never responded.
    It took me a long time to block him and I didn’t tell many people because after all he was a worker and I figured I must just be being sensitive. I guess I never said anything because I figured I could handle him and once I blocked him our communication ended. But when I saw what you guys posted today I knew I needed to add my me too.

    • If JP above and Gasser do not think this is immoral and inappropriate behavior, they need to take a class in Sexual Harassment. The type of behavior described above will get one fired from any decent company in the USA, no questions asked. Gasser and JP are part of the 2×2’s problem, not the solution.

      • Careful. I am not in the 2x2s. And the original post had none of this info. Let’s all take it a little more slowly.

      • Thank you Julie P for your level headed response. It seems to me that Spartan is on here to simply stir up trouble. Perhaps it’s because of some very bad experiences and I’m sorry about that. But creating unfounded allegations and making extreme comments do not help anyone to be taken seriously and thus detract from the serious issues at hand. And regarding facebook, Kim, I agree with you and I’m not sure anyone should be on facebook, let alone the workers. But let’s face it, even if we don’t like facebook, we get dragged on because of family, likely the same as workers. Any messaging app can be used for ill purposes, and most of them were developed for that very reason. At least facebook has gotten big enough to finally put some decent tools in place to mitigate abuse while still respecting privacy to a degree.

    • I have always thought that the workers should not be on facebook. They shouldn’t have that much time on their hands what with all the lost souls and all. But maybe it has been used for good because it is helping to expose people like Scott. Sorry for your experience! Very creepy!

      • Sorry, I thought I was replying to you as well, Kim, when I mentioned you in a response to Spartan. My thoughts:
        Regarding facebook, Kim, I agree with you and I’m not sure anyone should be on facebook, let alone the workers. But let’s face it, even if we don’t like facebook, we get dragged on because of family, likely the same as workers. Any messaging app can be used for ill purposes, and most of them were developed for that very reason. At least facebook has gotten big enough to finally put some decent tools in place to mitigate abuse while still respecting privacy to a degree.

  5. Didn’t scott leave the work around 2015 or 2016 over similar issues? Did George Lee or Leslie Pulley warn anyone about the issues then?

    • Scott left the work at that time to pursue another path and career. Nothing to do with this situation. As time went on, Scott went back into the work.

      • Lol – OK. If a relationship with one of the friends and a subsequent relationship with another worker are “another path and a career,” then so be it. It just seems silly to perpetuate more coverups. I mean, that was one of the issues that started this, right?

  6. Empower states, “even if we don’t like facebook, we get dragged on because of family, likely the same as workers”. Dragged on? This sounds like the mouse my cat “dragged” home! No! You, the ” workers ” and everyone else decides what they do with their time and how it is used. That excuse is the same as some worker saying they couldn’t keep their pants up because some women dragged them into it. All these decisions are called “choices”. Empowered and the workers all make them. Their not ” dragged on” to anything. Now, the mouse my cat caught is dragged on. Poor mouse. But, last I checked workers weren’t mice. Workers want to be on FB because it is titillating, gossipy and plain raw fun. Same reason your on their Empoweed.

  7. Educate and Empower would be wise to listen to Spartan. Spartan is very astute and has tremendous background knowledge on the cult. Much better for your time than FB.

    • Sorry for the confusion, For Children, I in fact don’t use facebook. But what I meant, is that it can hardly be taken as a sign of someone’s problems when everyone else is on there too. It’s just a distracting argument from the main issues. I used the word “drag” because I gave in to wishes of my family to have a presence there. But I’ve never even posted the first thing and haven’t read any posts of others for ages. For those I am close to, I have a real relationship with them. I can feel your bitterness and I’m sorry for any bad experiences you have had that have led you to that feeling.

      I can see that Spartan would have some good help if he didn’t attack so viciously everything to do with this “cult”. If he’s not desiring to be a part of it, then of course he doesn’t have reason to give advice that could be put in place to actually make a beneficial change. Even in business we have to be solution driven. I’m sorry that he had such a bad experience. All of us want our children safe. I understand my children are my responsibility. I want them to have a better experience than I did and I believe it’s possible. I want my children to know the red flags so that even if, God forbid, their closest friend/relative/figure of authority start to give uncomfortable vibes, there won’t have to be an “after the fact.”

      • Well said, Empower. Blind idolization of one disillusioned persons’ ideas seems almost like blind idolization of a particular workers’ misguided ideas.
        I, too dislike some of the comments from some participants. Particularly ones who tend to blame others for choices THEY made what to believe or not believe. I appreciate those who are dedicated to the initial purpose of smoking out and eliminating CSA.

      • Thank you for your response Junior, I’m only now figuring out that I have to confirm my email to know when someone replies to me. I agree with all that you wrote. If someone tells me I HAVE to believe them and I know they are full of their own arrogance. I can just walk right out the door. That’s not what cults do. Cults manipulate you, hypnotize you, make you drink the kool aid, completely buy into the ideology. Give you promises of wonderful things if you just sign on the dotted line to sell your soul to them. One thing that I can see that has happened a lot, based on situations in the previous generations of my family – it’s our PARENTS that tell us we have to do things and what we can and cannot do. And, that’s their right – we can’t walk right out the door when we’re a kid (well, we can but not usually to our benefit). Parents are like a “schoolmaster” to teach us what they think is right so that we can be good citizens in the future. And sometimes parents get pretty extreme. For my mother, her parents were so thankful to finally find something that was “right” and “according to the Bible”, that when inappropriate worker behavior occurred, they literally couldn’t process it because it didn’t fit in their circle of thinking regarding what they had found. And it’s caused trauma that has lasted until this day. Educate and empower our children, those new in the meetings, our young workers, and everyone else. It’s biblical, it’s right, and it’s safe.

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