Letter from Two Sister Workers

April 21, 2008

Dear WINGS Group:

This is an overdue, heartfelt “thank you” for those of you who created and maintain the WINGSfortruth site. We certainly identify with your care and interest toward children’s safety.

An unsafe child often develops into an adult who either feels unsafe or who is unsafe. Prevention is ideal…but early intervention is next best.

We are daily learning about our own limitations and our dependence on strength beyond our own. Thank you for being part of that support.

Our hearts are moved toward all who are suffering as a result of sexual abuse. One of the most difficult parts of dealing with abusive experiences is actually talking about it…the need for victims who are willing to speak up is so necessary in order help the abuse STOP.

If you would like to contact us, we would love to keep in touch. Feel free to post our email, but please leave our names off of it.


Two American Sister Workers

pdf for download

One thought on “Letter from Two Sister Workers

  1. Dear sister workers,
    Maybe instead of a thanks, an actual concerted effort on the part of your “church” would be more important, and maybe necessary for the forgiveness from your “god”.
    I am learning of the system of abuse for the first time some 33 years after leaving the “lie”. I am not sure with whom to be more disappointed, you or my family, some of who are still ensnared in the lies of your cult. You I suppose, you are the alpha and the omega of the lies.
    The list of the workers involved in molestation should be a short one, unless the lies did not stop; therefore the list of those that the workers had contact with should be short, not as short as it should be but doable by those that profess to do works of god. Even those that have been judged by you and shunned and excommunicated will be easy to list, its a small cult.
    Every person on the list should be told of the chance, however small, of molestation by the representatives of your “church” and therefore, representatives of YOU.
    Anything less is lip service, and without doubt perpetuating the evil, unholy, cycle of abuse and coverup.

    Sincerely, A person on your list.

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