Dale Shultz letter re Mark Huddle March 2023

Dear WA, N ID, and AK friends and workers,

Many of you would be aware that this week some allegations of inappropriate behavior against Mark Huddle have arisen and of course we are all very saddened to hear of this. However, in the interest of a thorough, appropriate response we very much want to make sure that any and all allegations that come forward are sensitively, fully and properly addressed. As a result of this recent development, Mark has already stepped down from the oversight of the work in WA, N ID and AK so these allegations can be addressed. We feel it is appropriate for Darryl, Wayne and Brian to work together as a team to guide the work there for the time being. If these three brothers need information from previous planning, they will be able to reach out to Mark. They are also welcomed to reach out to any of the surrounding overseers at any time they would consider it advantageous and helpful. We are suggesting this team of brothers guide things there until we are past this initial crisis and it becomes more apparent what should be done in the long term. Darryl is travelling back to Washington as we write, and three of us will be traveling to Washington on Monday to visit with these three brothers and to make any other important visits that may be helpful. The recent events have certainly brought sorrow and concern, but we do know that God has led His people through many tragedies and the kingdom has been strengthened in the end. We hope that all of you will work together with our three brothers as they and we all seek to work together with His leading and grace. As we pass through these difficult times, may we all keep centered on Jesus and not allow ourselves to become centered on any one problem, situation or person. Only with the Lord in the center can any of us do right and find the blessing of God that will more than match any storm that comes our way (Mark 6:36- 41 ). God’s great love for the souls of His people, His servants and the world is what gives us complete hope as we pass through this storm.

Sincerely in His care and keeping,

Dale S, Jim A, Merlin A, Mike H, Rob N, Scott R, Doyle S


One thought on “Dale Shultz letter re Mark Huddle March 2023

  1. Why are other overseers not letting their “flock” know what is happening? I’ve been waiting for a week now for something from the workers…nothing. It makes me now question if they are afraid to say something because more will have the courage to come forth with abuse stories. Very sad that openness isn’t Country wide.

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