Jerome Frandle’s Letter to Michigan friends February 2008

WINGS administrators take no responsibility for the accuracy of these statements.  The opinions expressed, and testimonies received by WINGS are published in good faith of truth and accuracy.  These statements, although published on this website, do not reflect the administrators views or opinions. Some of the people mentioned may have never been charged or found guilty of criminal offences.

PLEASE NOTE that the letter below contains an error. This letter suggested that children should be questioned thoroughly BEFORE contacting the police The Michigan state police have subsequently advised Mr Frandle that the CORRECT way to deal with suspected child abuse is to immediately report it to the nearest law enforcement agency (not to question the children thoroughly) so that trained investigators can question the child. Mr Frandle asked WINGS- to make this notation to his letter on April 23, 2008; therefore a line has been drawn through the erroneous phrase.

1030 S. Wildwood St

Westland MI 48186

February 1, 2008

Dear Friends.

I deeply regret having to write this later to you. A former brother worker who labored in the work of the ministry here in Michigan, who you loved and trusted and frequented your homes is under investigation for child molestation and abuse.

We are asking those of you who have children who have been in contact with him or with anyone who you have had some suspicions regarding their behavior as being unbecoming, or inappropriate, after questioning the children thoroughly contact the nearest Michigan State Police Post with a written report and let me know so I can turn over the information to assist the authorities involved in this investigation.

It is important that such children involved give an account of the actions of such people so they can be lawfully dealt with and the children can be counseled to help remedy their fears, feelings of guilt or any adverse emotional problems they may presently have or have in the future resulting from the experiences they suffered.

If there have been in the past or future any other such indecent or immoral action by anyone, friend, worker, relative, neighbor etc we suggest you contact the local law enforcement authorities. We are in full cooperation with them.

Being in the presence of Department of Human Service and Child Protection Service officials, judges, children defense lawyers on occasions, we have observed that they are people of integrity and wisdom and have a deep concern and care for the welfare of children, upholding the laws of the land to protect them. We are very thankful that such people are in the places of responsibility.

No wonder Paul the apostle in his writings in the New Testament encouraged the people on several occasions to have respect toward our leaders and to prey ‘For kings  and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.’ I Timothy 2:1-3 also in Romans 13:1-4 -Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers’…’for he is a minister of God to thee for good.’

Sincerely your brother in Christ,

[Signed – Jerome Frandle]

734-728-9157 or 734-427-0562

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