Ronald Lee Schober

Ronald Lee Schober dob October 8, 1953

WA State records Case 937474 show that Ronald Schober was convicted in a ‘Rape of Child’ case, probably in 1988, and he is known to have served prison time.

He had a previous conviction for lewd and lascivious conduct in 1977, and in 1982 had agreed to undertake counselling in lieu of prosecution for indecent exposure to a child.

2 thoughts on “Ronald Lee Schober

  1. Is this new WFT becoming something different than WFT recently re-started out to be? I’m seeing a change in the tone and value of these consecutive posts….more current news and less history is my personal preference

    • No change intended. Several people have asked why certain perpetrator names weren’t posted. Generally that is because WINGS hasn’t had public records of the case and its outcome. Posting old accounts is intended to remedy that situation. It is also important for victims who otherwise feel unrecognised. Unfortunately, some old cases are still causing current concerns.

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