Woodstock 2023 convention cancelled: Punishment?

Another update from Bob and Stacy Bainbridge, May 7, 2023. They have asked that this be shared publicly.

Email from brother worker to Bob and Stacy:

Hello Bob and Stacy,

After talking about it a bit more among ourselves, we still feel that it is better not to have the convention at Woodstock this year. Hopefully things will be better next year, and we will be able to have it again. Take care. Your brother, (redacted). 

Response from Bob to the brother worker:

They call this Group Punishment. It’s a tactic used by the military to enforce strict discipline. It has no place in God’s fellowship. Why should all of the friends suffer because we criticized you. This will cause hurt and division. What we need is kindness and healing. We believe that this is a deliberate effort to ostracize us. This also sends a threat to anyone who would want to speak up about abuse or corruption to be silent or else. The fact that you told us Thursday night that convention was cancelled and then later told others that it was undecided was deceitful and wrong. It is staggering that you would hurt us in this way. All we asked is that Morgan’s request be honoured: (Redacted) needs to step aside from the work temporarily and get mental help. A code of conduct needs to be written so that new workers understand clearly what is expected of them. Older workers need to know how to behave in a Christ-like manner. How to teach the younger workers with kindness. All workers should be aware of what behaviour is inappropriate. Why is that so much to ask? Morgan read to us today some emails and text messages from two brother workers who previously were criticizing the overseer and encouraging her to keep pushing for change but now are dismissing her abuse. Wonder what happened?

24 thoughts on “Woodstock 2023 convention cancelled: Punishment?

  1. In reply to this article. I knew Morgan for only a few years and in that short time I felt the true Christ like spirit in her , a very caring person. I’m so disappointed that the workers have tried to just push this under the rug along with the other problems their facing. I truly believe everything that you say here in these articles .

  2. Over the last several years many of us have become aware and have observed a deep-rooted culture of emotional abuse, by some, amongst the workers. Intimidation, Invalidation, Control, Slander, Bullying, Malice, Fear Mongering. These tactics are used to control and bring into subjection for the purpose of the perpetrator’s cause for the perpetrator’s agenda not the will of God but the will of the perpetrator.

    The present situation with Bob and Stacey is a perfect illustration of this culture of emotional abuse. The wisdom of God does not quash, coerce, smear, insult, slight, invalidate, suppress, quell. The wisdom of God, the very spirit of God, listens and is merciful, kind, compassionate, empathetic.

    The definition of Malice is to be purposely mean. Not by mistake but very much of purpose. Malice is used to control, intimidate, and control the narrative to force a person to comply to bring them into submission to the will of man not into the submission of the will of God. You will comply with my agenda or else.

    The sexual abuse that has been revealed in these last few weeks is horrendous, shocking, deplorable, disgusting. We can all be thankful that the law can be contacted, and these unspeakable crimes can be investigated, and charges can be laid.

    The underlying toxic workplace environment however of Invalidation, Control, Slander, Bullying, Malice, Fear Mongering can be difficult to prove and to abolish. This underlying toxic environment of emotional abuse is a common thread in all published materials on Wings For Truth and on Advocates For The Truth. It is the petri dish for other abuses to grow.

    We all know better, we all know that Jesus never used the tactic of emotional abuse to control anyone.

    Emotional abuse lurks, creeps in the shadows and those that it is used against can feel the invisible darkness seep into their minds and darkens and dampens the recesses of their hearts and minds. These poor souls then need counseling, they have been destroyed and the perpetrator just stands back and lurks in the shadows again for the next victim they can control. These perpetrators have no conscience they do not care. They will never admit their actions. They know how to beguile, and they know how to act appropriately when they sense being exposed.

  3. This is terrible, cruel and ungodly. Could we please stop redacting the names of the problem workers, their names need to be public. Please.

  4. The cancelation of convention. Is pure and simple bullying. But something that screams to me (and I LOVE convention) is who wants to sit and listen to a bunch of bullying hypocrites stand on a platform and tell us how to be more like Christ????? God sees this GARBAGE!!!!! And yes I agree with the above statement. Why are names redacted. People need to know who they are! They need called out so this nonsense can STOP! Workers of iniquity!

    Bob and Stacy I hope you see this, you’re brave and amazing, keep speaking truth, that’s what we read about in our Bibles. The truth sets us free. Shake the dust off your feet, get up again and speak truth again tomorrow! You have a lot of support here in the states. I am so sorry fear has so many gripped in it’s clutches.

    Not unto men I labor!

    • After learning about all the CSA that’s been covered up over the years my wife and I don’t feel that our children are safe at convention anyway.
      The fear and control is tied to the teaching that our church is the “only right way” and we might be kicked out and “lose out”.
      Freedom is knowing that Jesus is the ONLY way, ALL who call on his name will be saved and no man or women has the authority to take that from us.

      • I am a Fifth generation Friend. The light started coming on about a decade ago to me that some of the workers feel very entitled. Lists would be circulated before special meetings of what they could and couldn’t eat , over the years the lists got larger and larger. I saw the abuse the Elder’s wife dealt with from an elderly brother worker who should have been put in a nursing home but dumped on them. I lost touch with family and friends over the years because of the belief this way is the only way everyone else goes to Hell . I’ve been told you are in a cult… am I? I have no desire to go to convention, I LOVE God’s word but I no longer trust the messengers.

  5. My niece in Canada told me she spoke to the workers there today and they told her the Woodstock convention is not cancelled.

      • Thanks I asked her who are the workers that told her so, she has not replied yet, wich is odd, clearly they didn’t get the memo.

      • Could you share a copy of the email? No doubt WINGS would want to publish it which would establish the facts about the convention plans for this year. Thanks!

  6. Makes one wonder why there is no record of the ministry after Revelations. Perhaps God shut it down because of men’s unchecked egos? Kind of like what we’re seeing today and from the past workers. Some prefer their titles and power over simply “tell me the story of Jesus.”
    From what I’ve read and heard about William Irvine and Edward Cooney this was there early message. Then their egos blew up.
    The scripture is very very clear about who gets to hand out judgement and discipline. I have yet to meet a worker named God.
    I am very disappointed, but sadly not surprised.
    A saddened friend

  7. Many in my area have talked about having meetings seperate from the workers. Somehow the ministry has become toxic, our church has been hijacked by angry, bitter, and arrogant workers. They crush the life out of our young workers and they crush the life out of our meetings. The workers talk of other preachers as the hirelings but what kind of shepherd hears of a wolf among the sheep and tries to hide it from the sheep?

    • We are living through Ezekiel 34 right now!!! Everyone needs to read it again!!! The workers are abusing the sheep! I’m nauseated by it

      • Ezekiel 34:10 describes a time so dire that God was actually against His shepherds. I didn’t make this up–read it. I hope I don’t live long enough to experience this in my generation. But think what it would be like to experience verses 11-16 when God Himself cares for his sheep. This chapter actually makes me hopeful–and I am going to make sure my children and grandchildren know about it.

  8. I’m disgusted by Bob, Stacy, and Morgan’s attitudes toward the servants who have sacrificed so much for us.

    It is very reminiscent of Numbers 16, when the followers of Korah rose to oppose Moses and Aaron, who were the Overseers at the time.

    They said “You have gone too far! The whole community is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is with them. Why then do you set yourself above the Lord’s assembly?”

    Remember what happened next? Later in the same chapter, the Lord caused the earth to swallow up the 250 men who put themselves above the workers and rebelled against Moses and Aaron. And then God was still so furious that he caused a plague to kill almost 15,000 more people!

    Their words and questioning might not seem like such a big deal to us in this modern, wicked world where rebellion is encouraged. But defiance against the workers and overseers that the Lord has set over us is a VERY SERIOUS CRIME, and could easily result in our destruction.

    • It is actually workers like you who are bringing down the church and bringing it in to disrepute. You aren’t Moses, just a sheep trying to cover up abuse.

    • You are disgusted by their attitude? Really. Sounds like you are okay with workers abusing other workers sexually and mentally. Sounds like you think that these overseers should just keep sweeping it under the rug and that the friends should continue to accept these behaviours as Christlike and acceptable. Give your head a shake. There stance isn’t against God. It is against pride, ego, deceit and ABUSE!

    • You compare the workers with Moses who the Bible says was the meekest man on earth.
      Maybe God is doing this to save his sheep from arrogant shepherds.
      People who sacrifice don’t run around telling everyone how wonderfull they are and how much they sacrificed. Those people have their reward.

  9. Jwnz…. You’re disgusted by sheep crying out because they are being harmed by “Shepherds ‘ beating the sheep that are crying out. I am appalled you cannot see what has gone on for decades? I can only guess you’re one of them that sets them on some throne as tho they are God themselves. People like you are what has caused these workers to be so lifted up, puffed up and believe they are above the laws of God or man.
    People like you are the reason we are in this mess in the first place you have fed workers human nature so much that they can’t maintain humility.
    I have a friend who was in the work and now is married, she said “life in the work is an easy and good life except for the abuse and no one listening, you have zero concerns about bills, food, clothing etc. She said the life I live now is the hard life. Wondering how you’ll pay your next bill, what to do if your car is wrecked, how to put food on the table,how you will feed hungry little mouths and now how to keep them safe everywhere we turn from predators.
    Even Paul himself said “we are but men” that’s what Paul could say in his own humility. He wasn’t flying all over the world on the money of the friends and blogging about it. Paul stood up to Peter when he was out of line. Nehemiah, called out wrong when he saw it… Very plainly. He said “what you are doing is wrong”. What is going on IS WRONG, and people like you compound the wrong by standing alongside it.
    My heart breaks for Stacy, Bob and especially for Morgan.

  10. an anonymous poster posting as jwnz may be up to mischief in their posting of comments on WINGS FOR TRUTH letters.
    This is clarify that jwnz is NOT a New Zealand worker with the initials JW.

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