Richard Leon Schober

Richard Leon Schober dob July 23, 1945, was a worker in the late 1960s. He was caught abusing children at convention and removed from the work but overseers did not pursue charges.

He subsequently married and had children and was reported to have abused many children.

WA State records Case 235974 show that Richard Schober was convicted in an ‘Indecent Liberties’ case, probably around 1982, and he is known to have served prison time.

He is currently living in Alaska and has been reported as exhibiting grooming behaviour. He was allowed to attend meetings since around 2014, despite concern from local families.

Recently he has been removed from physical attendance at meetings but there are still concerns about risk to the community.

4 thoughts on “Richard Leon Schober

    • A family from Alaska is seeking to obtain a protective order against him. He is pursuing their young children. Any former victims coming forward would be extremely helpful to the family.
      Reports can be made to the hotline on

  1. Please Beware: This case is a classic example of an aging pedophile. For a lot of them, no matter how old they become, they still have the desire and emotional drive (if not the physical capacity) to pursue their preferred victims of choice.

    As a therapist, who has specialized in Sex Offender treatment, I have had patients in their 80’s…

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