Robert Eberhardt letter to LA, MS and AL elders and friends March 2023

Dear LA, MS and AL Elders and Friends,

This is to acknowledge the report of the misconduct of Dean Bruer, a worker/overseer, now deceased, from OR, of whom you may be hearing about. The immoral conduct, that isn’t to be named even once amongst the saints, how much less of servants, is condemned. For those who are hurt by these actions, beginning with the victims, we pray that they may find the support needed from being believed and comforted in knowing that this is not tolerated amongst us.

In the aftermath of this, my thoughts go back to the time that Dean last visited in LA. If there’s anyone who had any unwelcome encounters with him at that time, I was not made aware of it. I’m keenly aware of the need to encourage everyone amongst us to be free to report to the appropriate authorities anything, such as Child Sexual Abuse, or misconduct of servant or saint.

We on the LA, MS and AL staff of workers participate in an educational resource called Ministry Safe, which instructs us to be aware of Child Sexual Abuse and how to conduct oneself and ministry to be safe.

On behalf of those of us in the ministry I offer thanks for your support and trust, and pledge to not betray that.

Your brother,

[Robert Eberhardt]

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