Amy Thompson letter to friends March 2023

Dear elders and friends, 

Here is an outline of what we know about the timeline of events regarding Dean Bruer.

-After Dean’s death and funeral, Doyle accessed Dean’s computer looking for the worker list, and found inappropriate things.

-At Boring convention, an adult female victim came forward about her relationship with Dean in the last several years. She asked for the information to be kept quiet. 

-In the last several weeks, other adult victims have come forward, including one who was underage at the time they were abused by Dean. They asked that the information be made public.

-Doyle wrote a letter (included with this email) to share the information about Dean with the friends. The purpose was for the workers to personally share the information last week, via reading the letter, with all the friends in the states where Dean has labored most recently: OR, S ID, MT, WY. The friends were asked not to discuss it in an effort to have the information come from the workers first. Unfortunately, the letter was posted on the internet before those visits were completed. 

-Thursday, the WA, N ID, and AK staff was contacted with the information. At this point there are no known victims from our states. Again, we encourage anyone who has been a victim of any inappropriate behavior by Dean or anyone else to please reach out to someone you trust.

-Friday, Doyle took Dean’s computer to the police. 

-The notice circulating about the Clackamas County Sheriff asking for information appears not to be an open case. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a visit, either with your elders or your workers. There is a lot to process and a lot of noise right now, and while we are trying to touch bases with as many people as possible, we don’t always know where the most immediate needs are. Our purpose is to shepherd our sheep with compassion and share safe pastures to feed on. 

-Karen and Amy

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