Lauren Rohs letter to friends March 2023

Mar. 27, 2023

Hello Friends, Family, and Loved Ones, 

With a heavy heart, we learned of the many allegations of sexual abuse by former overseer Dean Bruer. He is not the only person within the Truth who has abused their authority to commit these acts against the Friends and their children. As this case demonstrates, attempts within the institution have not been sufficient to address the pervasive problem of sexual abuse, especially child sexual abuse.

In the days since the news of Dean broke, dozens of you have stepped forward to share your stories and the names of more than 100 alleged perpetrators of sexual abuse within the Truth that span many decades and several countries. We are incredibly grateful for your bravery. You are bringing light to the darkness and helping ensure your experience is not repeated. All of us, especially our children, deserve to live free from the fear of sexual abuse.

I, Lauren Rohs, contacted Oregon overseer Doyle Smith Thursday night last week. Cynthia Liles, Sheri Autrey, and I met with him at Shari’s Cafe & Pies in South Salem for three and a half hours to suggest safe and ethical next steps to protect the Friends from future harm. Unfortunately, Ministry Safe, a program to advocate for and protect victim survivors, is not required for any worker. Therefore, to minimize future trauma and devastation to all the people we love and hold dear, a small group of volunteers has been working around the clock to collect your statements, assess the scope of the damage, and determine the next steps. Our only goal is to support victim survivors and prevent further abuse. We are working with friends, workers, former members, and nonmembers to address this massive crisis. We are also working with private investigator Cynthia Liles who grew up going to meetings. Her expertise and compassion are unparalleled. This massive crisis will require our entire community to come together, lean in, and comfort one another. Please practice self-care and visit the RAINN website ( for resources on how to speak to one another, care for yourself, and continue during this difficult time. 

We are in communication with friends and workers who are encouraging us in these efforts. They support us in this advocacy. They recommend you contact us using the hotline below since we have the resources to determine what the next steps should be.

Please share your stories and tips by texting or calling the 24-hour confidential hotline:
(503) 386-4634 

Whatever your concern or information is, we are listening. If you are a victim survivor, we can discuss advocacy options and connect you to professional, vetted resources. After you’ve reported to the hotline, those of you inside the community are encouraged to reach out to Barry Barkley and Ray Hoffman, the Overseers of the United States. They deserve to hear your experiences, your fears, and your hopes. You can find more information about the hotline and Dean Bruer case at

With Love,

Lauren Rohs, Cynthia Liles, Sheri Autrey, and a group of people who care

If you feel tentative, awkward, or are unable to use the hotline, please DM me (@Lauren Rohs) on Facebook, and I will walk you through the process. 

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