Glenn Gasser letter to Wisconsin workers and friends March 2023

Dear Wisconsin Friends & Workers, (please do not forward)

It was very special to be in North & South Dakota for the sp mtg rounds there the past several weeks. I finished in Sioux Falls Sunday afternoon & joined our rounds in the Milwaukee area Monday afternoon. We had a very special workers mtg there this morning. If you wanted, you could get a feel for the tone of it by looking at the hymns that 3 different workers chose there: 339, 236 & 405. It’s always encouraging to hear the humble prayers & purposes of our coworkers and see their dedication to their calling.

It was extra meaningful to be together, as we all (& very many others) are hurting after learning Dean Bruer (a worker in OR who died last summer) had been living an immoral double life before his death. We are sooo sorry about that & feel especially for his victims! The friends in the areas where he worked have been notified. Any others who have been a victim of abuse or inappropriate behavior have been encouraged to reach out for support & to seek professional help if needed.

Some have expressed concern if there is anything being done to try to prevent such things from happening here. The workers here have kept current on continuing education regarding recognizing & preventing child sexual abuse. Workers are encouraged to report any CSA directly to law enforcement for investigation (Friends can do that too). Workers have been encouraged to speak up if they witness or experience inappropriate behavior towards them or others, no matter who it is (Friends can do that too).

The recent events have borne out the value of/need for that approach. Though the workers know these things we did have a helpful informal meeting this afternoon regarding these matters & other ways the ministry can be kept safe and honorable. The staff seems very on board & united in this. We are so sorry & ashamed that some among us have betrayed the trust of others, but that is reality.

Likely the apostles were very shocked & ashamed when Judas’ secret sin came to light. His sin didn’t mean they were all dishonest, but likely they bore some reproach because of it. Though they weren’t perfect, the 11 & others proved to be true men & God used them to help accomplish his purpose through the book of Acts.

I’m thankful that the many workers who were in our home from my youth & those I’ve worked closely with through the years have been true men & women and have been a great help and encouragement to me. They have pointed us to Jesus, the one perfect one who will never disappoint.

Your brother,

Glenn [Gasser]

5 thoughts on “Glenn Gasser letter to Wisconsin workers and friends March 2023

  1. I find it hard to believe that Mr. Gasser claims to know nothing about any past inappropriate behavior regarding workers or people in the cult. He also will probably claim to know nothing about William Erving – founder of the cult in 1897.

  2. The email from an overseer in God’s Kingdom very clearly says “NO NOT FORWARD”. Any you post it publicly on the internet???

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