Wayne Bechtol letter to WA, N ID and AK friends March 2023

Please share with your field including the letter from Doyle that is attached.

Dear WA, N ID and AK friends,

We are very sorry and apologize to you for delaying in sharing information regarding Dean Bruer’s unacceptable secret life. We understand the hurt and pain many of you have felt, receiving the news from other sources. We are including his letter again as an attachment, so that you are receiving it directly from us, and so you will understand that we have nothing to hide. We plan to be quicker in sharing news in the future, though we know we can never beat social media.

We want to be transparent and accountable, and for you to feel free to communicate with us. Many of you have been very helpful to us already. Thank you for your prayers and caring advice/help/patience to us and with us. One thing we want to make very clear, is that if anyone has felt uncomfortable with any of the workers you’ve been around (including us), we want you to feel at liberty to share that with us, or other workers or friends that you trust. Also, if anyone is a victim of abuse from a worker, elder or anyone connected to our fellowship…the police should be contacted, as this is a legal issue. We don’t want to have a culture among our fellowship that is conducive for predators to work within.

It was discovered a while after Dean died that he had accessed a porn site while he was at the Motel where he died. At Boring #2, a lady went to Doyle and spoke of a relationship she had with Dean for 2 or 3 years that included physical sex. A 2nd lady victim surfaced in October. After extensive therapy that covered quite a while, there were accusations of child molestation. After Doyle’s letter was communicated, a 3rd lady victim surfaced, and again there was talk of child molestation when she was quite young.

As far as is known, all the issues took place in the MT and OR areas, so Doyle is the one that initiated communication, along with Scott. The web sites and internet picked it up from Doyle’s communication. Since Dean was dead, Doyle asked people to remain confidential until he and Scott were finished communicating in-person. There was never the thought that it would be hid or confidential after last Thursday. Communication was not in response to an investigator or the internet. The internet and emails were much quicker than phone calls and visits. A more accurate account of the timeline will be sent out later once it can be compiled.

Another thing that has recently surfaced is from a friends’ group discussion meeting last night in the N Seattle field. At one point in the meeting a lady spoke up. She told of personally talking to a now adult woman, who had interaction at the age of 11 with Mark Huddle. This woman said that Mark invited her to sit on his lap while he read stories to her, in a way which she felt was awkward and inappropriate. We do not have all the facts, and want to be slow to jump to conclusions, but we don’t want to hide what is open and circulating either. Mark is aware of the accusation against him and feels it best that we write and send this email.

So… the future…

All the workers on our staff will take a “Ministry Safe” course. Moses took council from his father- in-law about learning to delegate. He was likely not professing, but it was good council, and he took it. It seems like we need all the help we can get from multiple sources. Other steps will also be taken as they become clear.

People should feel safe and be safe… sisters, friends, and children.

Isaiah 6:1 In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord sitting upon his throne, high and lifted up. There is a Lord high and lifted up, and He is the one that is safe to keep our focus on.

With much care,

Your brothers,

Brian and Wayne

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