Merlin Affleck letter to Elders March 2023

Dear Elders

Feel free to share the following message with discretion with any of the folks in your church.

This sad note needs to be written to verify something that most of you would likely already have heard. Dean Bruer has been accused of living an immoral double life and ample evidence has surfaced since his death to support these claims. We feel betrayed and are sorry for all who have been or will be affected by his behaviour.

‘Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth true, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.’

Sincerely, Merlin


2 thoughts on “Merlin Affleck letter to Elders March 2023

  1. Merlin,
    What was going on with Breur is not at all unusual for workers around the world! The amount of sexual immorality of every type right to the ‘top’ is horrendous. AB and SK has been saturated with straight, gay, lesbian and pedophilia (CSB) for many decades, and woke me up to the reality in ‘the truth’ for many decades.
    Yes, the foundation of God stands true, but that has nothing to do with the group variously called the ‘2x2s’ or the ‘truth’ (which it’s not and never has been!) or go-preachers. For, if you read John 3:3,5,7 only, it’s plain that one must be born again, or is not in Christ at all.
    Did you know that in the mid 1800s a man named Charles Finney started what was called an altar call that was all about man deciding to walk with God? That pattern is found in the act of ‘professing’ in your group. And that is all it is, but there’s no possession of God’s truth in it, for it’s God who selects out a soul to save. All of man’s ‘choices’ do not give the essential new life.
    As for Breur, he’s nothing new. The 2x2s had similar in Australia about the time that the AB exodus occurred. Wake up, Merlin. You are in a false religion led by ‘never-been-saved’ overseers who have never had what God pre-ordained for some humans from before the foundations of the world, including the religious world, including ‘the truth’ that always has been nothing short of false.
    The true gospel is, as would agree, in Christ. The true truth is can be led of with this, ‘are you born again,’ Merlin?
    Bruce Kehl

  2. “Share WITH DISCRETION” with “FOLKS IN YOUR CHURCH”. That would not include posting to the internet for worldlings to read.

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