Mark __ letter to friends – March 2023

Hi ****,

I am very, very sorry about all of this…

As far as I know, none of this was known until after Dean died last summer. When he died, none of the other OR workers had a copy of the new OR workers list Dean was working on, and that soon needed to come out. When Doyle was able to access his computer, he was very surprised to find that Dean had been looking at inappropriate material, all adults as far as we know at this point. Doyle didn’t know more until one sister came to him at Boring #2 about herself and Dean. She wasn’t ready for any communication to others at that point, and since Dean was dead, consideration was given to her. As far as I know, other things have only surfaced very recently. It’s Doyle that has initiated communication… and the web sites and internet have picked it up from him.

As far as any of us know, all the issues took place in the MT & OR areas. This is why Doyle and Scott chose to contact all the workers and all the friends in those areas. Doyle’s plan was to try to contact with all the people there in person or maybe by phone. Since we don’t know of Dean having any of these issues in our area, we haven’t been as assertive with our communication… and he is dead. Little by little, though, more and more communication with friends is taking place.

One doesn’t want to communicate too little, nor too much. The balance is very difficult to find. We want to be honest, but we don’t want to only focus on the negatives, especially in areas outside of our own. Jesus had the perfect balance of communicating about problems without causing loss of confidence in the kingdom. His focus though, was the positive.

Some of what is on the internet is true. You have likely seen Doyle’s email. If this involves more than 6-8 people at this point, we are unaware of it… but that is still very sad. I’m not sure if the “message” from the police department is legitimate but we will likely know Monday.

In the process of a few days, all the brothers on the West Coast, including our area, will be taking the “Ministry Safe” program or something similar to it. It’s some practical advice on being appropriate for ministers. A number of the sisters also want to take the program. This is the same program that most, if not all, of the Midwest and Eastern brothers in both the USA and Canada have taken. Moses took council from his father-in-law about learning to delegate. He was likely not professing, but it was good council, and he took it. I think this is a good idea for all of us in the ministry.

When Jesus was crucified and had laid in the grave for 3 days there wasn’t a thing any doctor or man in any age could have done to even partially restore him, but God was able to give him life and power as great or greater than he had before. With God nothing is impossible. We do believe in the blood of Christ. Jesus believed enough in what his blood could accomplish that he made the great sacrifice to make it available. I wish Dean could have risen above this. The opportunity was there. Maybe something happened at the last that I don’t know about?

All of us brothers need to walk farther from the fence. We need to consistently live a long way from the chasm. It can happen. It has to happen.

The safe one to focus on is Jesus, not on any man, worker or saint or anyone else.



3 thoughts on “Mark __ letter to friends – March 2023

  1. This situation reminds me of how the schools handled it when I was in high school. The pregnant girl was expelled from school as being a bad example and the young man continued to play football. There needs to be equity. It takes two to tangle. It is unfair for the woman to have to leave the way and the father continues on in the ministry.

  2. The balance is to be 100% open and honest with everyone so we can protect our wives and our children. any other kind of “balance” is a cover up and is not acceptable…Thank God communication is taking place among the friends and these things are becoming harder to keep quiet. Our confidence is in Jesus, not the workers and not our church only Jesus.

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