Letter possibly by Rob Newman for CA et al workers

Please do not forward this letter. We would prefer that this letter not be directly shared with others to avoid needlessly harming anyone through indiscretion.

Recently Doyle Smith and Scott Rauscher shared some very unfortunate and difficult information with us. We feel it imperative that we share this information with you in an effort to be transparent. We want you to be aware of this situation in Oregon and Montana so that when it comes up in conversation you will know these facts that have come to light in recent days. I would have rather visited each of you in person but time does not allow.

We stand with our brethren in these matters. Considering how serious and shocking these facts are, we should be aware that this may deeply affect some of our friends. It would be good if we can be ready with His help to answer and comfort our friends who are trying to understand how this could have happened, and to point them to the One who has the answers.

We should also mention the following:

• Programs such as the “California Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training” will help us to understand, recognize, and prevent such problems.

• I will send an email to the elders in your fields shortly. They may wish to visit with you. If it makes it easier, they may call me or one of the older brothers on our staff.

• We need to be discrete so as not to hurt anyone involved or affected, while in no way allowing any inappropriate behavior to go unreported.

• If you learn of any victims, it is important to do your utmost to keep their identities private for their personal protection.

Doyle very helpfully concluded his letter with the following paragraph:

We sang recently, “All through the storm I see thy face beaming with love and with saving grace.” Our desperate prayer for you all, especially anyone that has been hurt, is that G. will show Himself very strong. In Mark 4, the disciples found themselves in the worst storm of their life which caused a lot of distress. But at the conclusion of the storm there was a greater appreciation than ever for the miracle capacity Jesus had to deliver perfect peace despite storms. Our hearts desperately ache for the disappointment and sense of betrayal this will bring to countless hearts and again especially for the pain inflicted to victims. We pray the miracle somehow, someway, someday, will be as great as it was in Mark 4 for all.

Keep close to God dear friends. There is an immense capacity in the hand of God to help us. Thank you for all the prayers we know this will generate!

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