Jeffrey Thayer letter to MN-IA friends

Dear friends,

It is with a deep sadness that we send this note today regarding Dean Bruer. Some of you would have this word by now and we apologize for our delay in sending word. It’s been difficult to know what to do or say but we feel we should be in touch with you all.

Many of you would know Dean Bruer because he grew up in Minnesota. Since his death, very disappointing evidence has arisen to verify that Dean was living an immoral, double life. This has already affected many and will likely have long term effects. Dean was a sexual predator and his victims include adults and minors. This is a very serious crime and we are very, very sorry. Please find attached the letter written by the workers in Oregon.

This is devastating, hurtful, and disappointing. It’s taken us a while to process it because we are all reeling since hearing about it. We want to be transparent and open. We also want to encourage everyone to keep close to God and protect your faith. Proverbs 16.33 says, “The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.” None of us could have known that Dean had this problem. However, it is so and we all must face it. It is “in our lap.” The disposing of this difficult and sad experience will be of the Lord and we want to wait on him and trust him to guide us through it.

We are available to help in any way we can.

With care and love,

The Minnesota/Iowa workers

Minnesota Crisis Hotline 866-223-1111

Iowa Abuse Hotline 800-362-2178

3 thoughts on “Jeffrey Thayer letter to MN-IA friends

  1. This so sad so that divine vision does not allow you to try the spirits. Sad that most of these emails puts the responsibility on the parents and the children.

  2. What a travesty when a sexual predator has destroyed the lives of innocent children and people.
    Unfortunately, this is been going on for years as there is corrupt actors inside the Truth and many other religions.

    I am happy that this is not being “Swept under the rug’” even though this “Head Worker” is deceased… as it surely has been done in the past by many people that knew of situations and did not report to authorities.

    You can’t hide from God!

  3. Hi Jeffrey, I hope everybody who has ever abused their place or lived an immoral doube life is watching this all in real time and shaking in their boots!
    They know who they are (and in many cases you know who they are as well)
    It sure would be nice if we knew so we could protect our wives and our children.

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