Price G. Turner III attends meetings in WI after CSA convictions

Price Turner molested and raped his daughter over many years. He was convicted 10 October 2012 of the offence ‘Repeated Acts Of Sexual Assault Against Same Child’.

In 2014 he appealed his conviction for repeated assault of his daughter, claiming that incriminating statements he made to her, that were recorded on a wireless device, should not have been admitted as evidence. The appeal was dismissed. See Appeal No. 2013AP2101-CR Cir. Ct. No. 2011CF373 STATE OF WISCONSIN.

Turner was preached to in prison and accepted into gospel meetings once released. The workers started a chaperones program for Turner. Chaperones are supposed to take convicted CSA offenders to gospel meetings and sit by them. Numerous friends volunteered to be chaperones but they haven’t always followed the chaperone rules. A number of families with children were not comfortable meeting with the offenders and simply stopped coming to meetings.

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