Howard E. Ferguson attends meetings in WI after CSA convictions

In 2004 Howard Ferguson was convicted of First-degree Sexual Assault of a Child; Child Enticement; and First-degree Sexual Assault of a Child. He was sentenced to a 15 year jail term for assault of a boy. Some action occurred on a church outing.

WINGS understands that Ferguson has been attending meetings in Wisconsin since his release. The workers started a chaperones program for Ferguson. Chaperones are supposed to take convicted CSA offenders to gospel meetings and sit by them. Numerous friends volunteered to be chaperones but they haven’t always followed the chaperone rules. A number of families with children were not comfortable meeting with the offenders and simply stopped coming to meetings.

6 thoughts on “Howard E. Ferguson attends meetings in WI after CSA convictions

  1. APPLETON, Wis. (AP) – The sexual assault of an 11-year-old boy who had gone to a youth arcade with a church group brought a 15-year prison term for the man accused of luring the youngster into a public restroom, restraining him with tape and assaulting him.
    Howard Ferguson Jr., 41, of Dyersville, Iowa, was sentenced Tuesday by Outagamie County Circuit Judge Dennis Luebke on charges of first-degree sexual assault and child enticement. He had pleaded no contest.

    The judge ordered 10 years of extended supervision and a concurrent 30 years of probation for Ferguson once he completes the prison term.
    “You have attacked in a most callous manner the most vulnerable among us,” the judge told him. “It will take years for him to overcome, if he ever does, from the consequences of your behavior.”

  2. In relation to a child sex offender,
    a “chaperone” program is ludicrous. Just face to face expose to children triggers their compulsions and enhances their rich fantasy life. To put it simply, even sitting next to someone in meetings, you have NO idea what is going on in their mind…

  3. Who in their right mind thinks this is ok?!? Where is the compassion for the victim survivors?? More though and care is given to offenders than to the victim-survivors!!! Even sitting in meeting, how does that affect those that have been victimized? What message does that send to them?? That their suffering and the life shattering after effects don’t matter? The the pos who took their innocence in a most callous, cruel and violent way, continues to enjoy privileges and access to other children? Chaperones are a joke!! This sends the message its ok to offend, you are welcome, you are supported, we care more for your soul than those you victimized. Nevermind the fact that an offenders mere presence can be re-traumatizing to a victim-survivor. The victim-survivor is forced to sit on the sidelines and watch this pos get his kicks eyeing his next victim during meeting, shaking hands with their family, and gloating over the sick freedom he has? Where’s that freedom for the victim-survivor? Where’s that support for the victim-survivor? Where’s that basic human compassion for the one(s) actually harmed?!? This makes me sick and breaks my heart!!! Time after time, those who are in charge of making these decisions have showed, and are still demonstrating, a complete lack of basic human compassion, and are completely tone deaf to the cries of the most vulnerable, choosing instead, to favor and support the perps! This is not ok!!!!! A what point does one begin to think this is a system-wide disease and is there a cure????

  4. Clearly the way these situations have been dealt with is very disturbing and wrong. I sure hope current ‘leadership’ would understand they have severely mishandled dealing with CSA and willingly step aside so there is a chance it can be handled appropriately. If they continue to be oblivious, people need to compel them to step aside.

  5. I would not be in a meeting with a sex offender.
    With today’s technology sex offenders can listen from their homes.
    The workers need to get it together and stop allowing them to go to a meeting.
    Stop stop stop

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