Removal from meeting attendance


A May 2023 letter from the Minneapolis, Minnesota sister workers Ronda Stidolph and Lucille Anderson re Steve Rohs:

This is to clear up any confusion about Steve Rohs participation in meetings.

We apologize for any worry and fear caused by his case and our handling of it. Steve has admitted to an abuse incident that happened 40 years ago. And in mid April, another allegation was made from outside the state of Minnesota. The case was being investigated in other states. Both cases involving Steve have been reported outside of Minnesota.

The first week of April, Steve was asked to not attend any Meetings. No Sunday am Meetings, no Wednesday night Meetings, no Gospel Meeting, no Special Meetings or Conventions. It is certain that more education and discussion about abuse issues will be forthcoming.

We have been glad for some suggestions from some professionals among our friends regarding educational opportunities online, and we’ll be sharing that. We also consider the possibility of in person educational programs when classes can be scheduled. The Minnesota/Iowa Workers have all been keeping current with the Ministry Safe program for the last 15 years. Most have recently renewed their certification. We encourage everyone to look at that site and take the training and resulting exams. The website can be found at

It might help to put us all on the same page regarding child sexual abuse

3 thoughts on “Removal from meeting attendance

    • Thank you David, the link is very informative for those who are searching for the truth.
      Downplaying these crimes and claiming they just need more education is not going to make this go away, we’re way beyond that.
      Zero tollerance for CSA offenders AND for those that have covered for them.
      Because of the level of deception that’s been exposed everything is on the table for speculation. The trust has been broken.

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