Attendance at meetings after release from prison


Our dear friends,

Some things are uncomfortable, but that does not mean they shouldn’t be talked about. Sometimes we avoid discussing things that we need to talk about because we’re worried it could be viewed as complaining, judgement, etc. Please, if there’s anything you would like to discuss with us, concerns you feel we should address or a need for more disclosure or information re: specific situations please be in touch! The Holy Spirit of God helps us with the right motives in all areas of our life.. including WHY we discuss certain things.

We know that it is important to take time to pray and be humble with our Father when the Holy Spirit is motivating us to address something. When the Holy Spirit is leading us to discuss something with others.. we need to obey it and can trust our obedience was necessary, regardless of the reactions.

We are sharing that someone in this area was recently released from prison where they served time due to a conviction related to viewing child pornography. Legally he is free to attend our public or private meetings, however Michael H. & Dennis M. have asked him not to attend any meetings for the time being. They will revisit this decision after conventions in Alberta.

We have some letters that disclose great sorrows that have recently been exposed. Many of you we’ve already shared them with. There were quite a few of you whom expressed, when we discussed it, that you didn’t want to read the letters. I remember most, but am afraid I might not remember exactly which of you didn’t want any of them. So I’ll attach the letter from Michael Hassett on a separate email and you can just delete it without reading if that’s what you’d decided. I’ve appreciated advice from someone, which was to encourage you to:

pray before reading them.

We have letters from other areas in North America as well, let us know if you want us to send them to you.

With our care,

-Mildred, Deanna & Tamara.

4 thoughts on “Attendance at meetings after release from prison

  1. Dear Friends,

    My apologies, I responded to the wrong email. I would be interested in reading the letter(s)

    Stephanie Schultz RN Curtis, NE

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

    • Hi! The letters Deanna mentioned are the ones from Mike Hassett and Doyle Smith that can be found on this website.

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