Concerns about convicted CSA offender attending meetings in Queensland, Australia

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To: Deborah, Alan

Cecil James Blyth present at your Gospel Mtgs.

Hello Deborah,

It’s been reported that James Blyth has been present at your Gospel meetings on multiple occasions recently. This has been verified by multiple sources. Cecil James Blyth is a convicted child sex offender and has been jailed in NSW and also QLD for child sex offences, some of which include perpetrating sexual abuse against his own daughter.

Because of James convictions and jail sentences for multiple offences against children in both NSW and then in QLD, it is highly likely that James Blyth is on the QLD CPOR ( Child Protection (Offender Reporting) ) registry, as per relevant Child Protection legislation. This means he would have to abide by very specific conditions after his release from prison and regularly report to QLD Police, regarding his whereabouts, his contact with children and what activities he has been engaged in. If he is in breach of the conditions, he can be jailed for 5 years. A child sex offender can remain on the CPOR registry for up to 10 years after their release from prison, dependant on the severity of the abuse perpetrated by them.. If the perpetrator is subject to a DPSOA order then the perpetrator remains on the register indefinitely.

I don’t know if you realise how heinous James Blyth’s crimes are but I will share this- the police would not even read out numerous charges in court, brought against James, because of their seriousness and depravity.

It is well researched that Serial child sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated (I am happy to provide you with up to date research to support this statement).

You and your companion as ministers / spiritual teachers, have a duty of care to keep all the children under 18 years of age present in the congregation safe, when you are holding services (Gospel meetings and otherwise). You are required by legislation ( QLD Criminal Code Act 1899) to ensure the safety of children while they are in attendance of any services you are holding ( Gospel Meetings and otherwise). It is a criminal offence to fail to protect children from and fail to report known child sex offenders and any forms of sexual abuse while they are in attendance of your services ( this includes before and after the services ). The maximum penalty is 7 years jail. It is also a criminal offence under the same QLD criminal code to groom children. If you allow James Blyth into your services (the Gospel meetings, fellowship meeting or any other church gatherings where children are present) you’re allowing James to have access to children, where he could groom them in order to perpetrate sexual abuse against them.

Deborah, If you or any other worker continue to choose to allow James Blyth into your services where children are present, you are wilfullly giving a convicted child sex offender access to children. This is putting children at significant risk of harm, and there is a strong likelihood that James could groom children in order to perpetrate sexual abuse against them. Your actions would constitute a criminal act and you would be in breach of the Criminal Code also.

I strongly encourage you to take these matters seriously and to understand the legal ramifications for yourself and all workers, in allowing convicted child sex offenders to be present at your services in QLD.

Alan Mitchell remains arrogantly ignorant of these facts, shows utter contempt for the law and for his duty of care as QLD overseer. Alan’s contact details, his recent email (which is in clear breach of QLD law regarding his obligation toward children in the congregation and their safety) and QLD workers contact details have been given to QLD Child Protection Investigation Unit [CPIU].

This email will be given to the CPIU as evidence you have been informed of your legal obligations as a minister/ spiritual teacher regarding children in the congregation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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4 thoughts on “Concerns about convicted CSA offender attending meetings in Queensland, Australia

  1. This is very disturbing to read. I was at this mission on the Gold Coast earlier in the year and it’s horrifying to think such a man may have been in the congregation. My confidence in Alan Mitchell in dealing with such matters is very low but I pray that both Alan and Deborah take this extremely seriously.

  2. Allowing/inviting someone with perpetrator CSA history to be in a room with children is akin to serving and encouraging drinking alcohol to an alcoholic. It’s not just immoral to the children in the audience, it’s immoral to the perpetrator. This boundary is obvious even without the legal scope. There’s absolutely no excuse – it’s not showing mercy to the perpetrator at all, regardless of what perpetrators would try to convince otherwise (which is their illness speaking).

  3. After everything that has come to light in Australia about CSA, their attitude hasn’t changed. It makes me sick to think about it. It doesn’t matter if there are children present or not. It is highly likely there are adult CSA victims present. Whether they are his victims or not, they could feel unsafe and be triggered by his presence. Besides this, what “normal” organisation would want to affiliate themselves with a criminal of this type?
    Good letter. Just one point. His daughter should not have been identified as one of his victims.

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