Honourable disclosure of past conduct

WINGS Note: This disclosure does NOT involve CSA. It is posted as a good example of bringing to light past actions that have been kept hidden.

May 14, 2023

Dorothy [Kleeb] has requested we share the following letter.

I am forwarding it in it’s entirety, including the note to the staff.

John [Simmons]

My dear dear friends. 

I’m sorry that this will come as yet another blow.  One wonders why it seems necessary to confess something from two decades ago, when there has obviously been liberty and blessing after repenting.  But I am aware that there are rumors surrounding LeRoy [Sanford] that will provide all the truth that is mine.  I am not responsible for anything else on his part.  

I will be stepping away from the work at this time, not because I wish to or was forced to, but it will be good for the growth and healing of the church.  John S. pointed out James 5:13-18 as a possibility as to why this must be.  

I have loved Minnesota so much; the people, the staff.  When one is unworthy, the best they can do is serve, and it has been a great privilege.  LeRoy is also stepping away, and made the move to his family today.  I’m not sure where I will end up, but I think Harold and Anna’s basement ultimately while I get my feet under me.  I would love nothing more than to curl up at Jesus’ feet.

I’m wondering if you would mind sending this letter on to your fields, maybe 7:30 or so???  It just needs to come straight up, just the facts.  It is going to be a gut punch and I am so very sorry.  I have no idea what the future will bring, but I somewhat picture staying in Minnesota.   

With all my heart,


Saturday May 14, 2023

Before all the world:

I will state only facts, without details, in this first part.

My name is Dorothy Kleeb and I am on the Minnesota worker staff.

Twenty years ago or more, I was involved in a consensual relationship with a male co-worker on my staff.

That relationship was cut off and there was a clean break.

After some years, that staff member was asked to move to the position of overseer.

He called to confirm that there was continued certainty that there would be no future connection.  I affirmed that.

I had been in Minnesota some years already.

I have given myself to the work and people here.  I love them.

Those are the facts.


Now is the day of reckoning.  Activities committed over the years by friends and workers against vulnerable individuals are being brought to light, nearly every day.

And in the midst of this, it seems imperative to confess this inappropriate though not illegal activity.  This did not scar a vulnerable nonconsenting person, but I understand this immoral situation, long ago, will scar the big broad picture of trust in what is assumed to be pure.  And so I ask myself, “Why did I not tell someone before?”  Why did I content myself with my own personal repentance and feeling of forgiveness?  I really don’t feel I would have been disbelieved, shamed, or put down by anyone I would have chosen to speak of it to, as has been the case with some.  But I was afraid of destroying my own current joy.

Tonight I publicly laid out my situation in front of a group that are struggling deeply with current issues in the fellowship.  I told them I had had a relationship with a brother worker years ago, and I don’t know what to do about it.

It came out spontaneously.  Why did that happen? I think it was because I knew they loved me and I loved them.  That is the safest environment for honesty.  I didn’t stop to consider that it might be on the internet within an hour.  It’s weird, the power of love.  They genuinely hurt for the agony I am in, at the need to somehow confess again what I have repented of in the past, but not confessed publicly.

While I have been personally content and thrilled at the power repentance brings, and thrived in that personal liberty, there is a big burden of guilt that I did not share this with the fellowship as a whole.

I am sorry. I am so so sorry.

On behalf of all of us who have had secrets, young or old, and are afraid to share them, I offer this up:  the power of knowing you will still be loved because you have loved is tremendous.  It helps us to be honest.  Having my story received with love makes all the difference in the world.

I had a different letter written on Friday, to send to workers and friends in Minnesota on Monday, and had shared with just a few of the staff.  The above event happened last night.  I am happy to share that if you wish.


6 thoughts on “Honourable disclosure of past conduct

  1. This Cult is one big nasty deceitful spiderweb – I am very ashamed that I was a part of it for so many years and promoted it to friends, coworkers, family, etc. It needs to be dissolved and destroyed, which God will do in His time. No amount of CSA/SA training will fix this mess.

  2. Sis, thanks for your courage, service, integrity and commitment to personal changes for the sake of a healthier future. Being in the work is tough, and it’s still amazing to me anyone is willing for it. We all fall short of what we expect of ourselves, let alone what God expects of us at times. Your example of true repentance and victory is helpful. We love you too, and want the best for you as a sister in Christ. We will all require both intercession and mercy on judgement day as salvation is by grace through living faith (with works). Your example in more recent years is still encouraging to me. We can’t change our past, and changing our future takes a lot of strength and help, of which you seem to have found both.

    Remaining of very serious concern to hopefully all of us who will remain, would be those who have offended against children or adults; followed by those who are actively and repeatedly looking for consensual sin, and have not truly repented, or had such a record of victory from their past.

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  4. No matter how nice this letter seems, remember that current events have forced her hand. There is no way this letter would have come out otherwise! They would have taken it to the grave with them and would still be deceiving all, standing on the platform talking about how bad fornication and adultery are! LeRoy would still be overseer, judging who is worthy to take part or not! This cannot be allowed to continue and people need to open their eyes to how far our church has fallen. The question now is “Where do we go from here”?

  5. Note; this is copied from the LeRoy Sandford post. I have no need to type the same thing again but I want Dorothy to know I am rooting for her.

    I feel embarrassed, disgusted, appalled, and saddened. Not because of LeRoy and Dorothys CONSENSUAL and mature relationship. No, I feel this way when reading the comments on these posts (Spartan, I’m talking to you). How absolutely dare any one of you. Did Jesus not say, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”

    The following is an email sent to the workers in regards to this “scandal”.

    “Good morning,

    I feel the need to have my opinion be heard on this matter. Whether it’s well received or not, it feels important to me.

    This email is extremely distressing to read. I see someone who confessed an apparent guilt with people she trusted and someone threw it on the internet within an hour. Like vultures circling a brand new calf. And then she calls it love. Love is patient. It’s kind. It keeps no score. What that person did, was not love.

    I have nothing but an acute feeling of disgust for whomever posted that. If someone managed to pray about it and receive an answer in less than an hour, I’ve got some things they could talk to God about for me.

    Their relationship is/was in no way a danger to my spirituality. Not when I was 9 years old and certainly not now at 29 years old. And if someone feels “led astray” because of it, they have bigger issues and need to look into that. At which point, Dorothy and LeRoys CONSENSUAL relationship two decades ago is once again, none of their business.

    Trusting and expecting humans to be above reproach is detrimental to their mental health and spiritual wellbeing. It doesn’t give them room to learn and grow. If I were to trust a human to be perfect in every way simply because of a position they hold, that would be embarrassingly idiotic. Absolutely out of touch with reality. Lacking my God given discernment, and God given wisdom.

    My heart is breaking for Dorothy and LeRoy. I want to hug them both and remind them that it’s OKAY! No one but them have a right to feel hurt. To feel love for someone” [another consenting adult] “is OKAY, natural, and I admire how they handled it. That I’m sorry for this monstrosity of a situation. If they regret their relationship because of a religious group telling them it was wrong, I want them to stop. Regret should be one of the seven deadliest sins.

    And while I’m sure that will infuriate many, I refuse to apologize. While 29 is young comparatively, I have battled regret and guilt for over 20 years myself. And because of that, I know just how detrimental those two can be. Forgiveness of self is FAR more important and healing than forgiveness by others.

    There is one more issue I would like to address. While I support and appreciate the continued move towards greater transparency from this organization, I would like to caution the workers.

    Focusing on a consensual relationship and making a scandal out of it, is nullifying the movement. It’s taking resources and attention away from the bigger issues. The issues that truly need transparency. Protecting the ones who can’t protect themselves. ”

    Signed, your fellow fallible human.

  6. I legit don’t care if 2 adults had a consensual relationship 20+ years ago, even if they are workers. This seems like such a silly distraction in light of the real problems that are happening.

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