Email from overseers Darryl Doland, Wayne Bechtol, and Brian Getz to the friends in Washington, N. Idaho, and Alaska areas

Sent May 4, 2023

Dear Staff,

Please share this email and attachments with the elders in your field and have them share them with those in their meeting.

Your brothers,

Darryl, Wayne, Brian

Dear friends in WA/N ID/AK,

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, there was a man who was left wounded, robbed, exposed and half dead. As events continue to unfold, there are many feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and these feelings can be overwhelming and disorienting, which is a difficult place to be in. When the wounded man was at his lowest point, another man reached out to help, and immediately the healing and hope the wounded man needed so desperately began to take shape … but it still took time and nurturing. The grief we are feeling and the wounds we are nursing these days, need more than time and courage to heal. We especially need to feel the unconditional love of God. 1know God is expressing His love to us in many ways. In addition to that, 1am aware of many other hearts working in unison with His Heart. I’m so thankful for all of your prayers, support, visits, etc. that have been like a collective hand of love reaching out to me and so many others. I would also like to be part of this ‘collective hand’ that is reaching out to you. Unfortunately, because of the volume of information I am receiving, right now, I can’t answer everyone individually. If you would like to receive brief newsletters that will keep you updated on happenings as we traverse these stormy times, please send an email to: [redacted] and simply type ‘YES’.  

In a previous email I said we would set up a website to provide more information about CSA, but we encountered some complications, so I will send our documents directly to you by attaching them to this email. They are the combined effort of doctors, victim advocates, therapists, psychologists, sister workers, brother workers and laymen. We recognize that these topics are way too large to summarize in a few documents, but our aim was to compile information that can be helpful and educational without being too overwhelming. As an investment in everyone’s safety, I urge you to take the time to read these documents carefully.

Our convention season will soon arrive and for many it won’t be an easy time. Some of us are looking forward to being together again and feel it’s exactly what will help. There are others who are more reluctant for several reasons. I hope you will feel free to attend or to stay home. I understand your feelings and support your decision, either way. As in years past, you will have the option to listen to the convention meetings by phone.

My coworkers, Wayne & Brian, join me in sending their greetings and care.

With care and thanks,  



One thought on “Email from overseers Darryl Doland, Wayne Bechtol, and Brian Getz to the friends in Washington, N. Idaho, and Alaska areas

  1. It’s a good, positive step in the right direction. And thank you for understanding and giving options to those who may not want to attend convention in person.

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