Message from Rob Newman, California overseer, re removal of Kingsley Stone – May 2023

The only credible information I had on Kingsley at the time we took him away and before he spoke and until last night, was that five sister workers at Mountain Ranch felt extremely uncomfortable with him. About the time we took him away I was made aware by one of the five sisters that she heard from a source that could be questionable that he had been turned into a hotline.

I googled his name at that time and nothing came up. We told his overseers in South Africa what we had done and they were in absolute disbelief. When we older brothers heard last night what Kingsley said to the 15 year old girl after the Sunday morning [meeting] we were absolutely shocked.

We are doing everything in our power to get him out of the country as soon as possible. That involves interception of his passport from the Canadian embassy. We will put him on a plane as fast as we can. He is awaiting his passport in the LA area and in a home of a single man who knows what we knew before 8:00 last night. I will update our man asap.

Kingsley will NOT BE IN ANY MORE MEETINGS between now and plane time.

With great sadness, and deep apologies.

Your brother, Rob


Kingsley Stone is a South African worker who had been listed as a speaker at the Mountain Ranch #1, CA 2023 convention.

After Kingsley Stone was removed from Mountain Ranch convention last week, Jonathan Wright took him to Sunday morning meeting in the local field, and the people he met with were not notified why he was meeting with them and not at convention.

Kingsley openly “admired” the 15 year old granddaughter of the man whose home he was in on Sunday.

Jonathan Wright said Kingsley wasn’t at convention because of Passport issues. And then he took him to stay at an elder’s home who has six granddaughters.


80 thoughts on “Message from Rob Newman, California overseer, re removal of Kingsley Stone – May 2023

  1. Per the wording of this letter, Mr. Newman did not retain one thing from “Ministry Safe” training that he required for all his male CA workers. It is also apparent that the “Ministry Safe” training did not do one bit of good for Mr. Van Den Berg (a real pervert) and Mr. Wright (a cover-up man).

  2. I’m going to give Rob some credit here. Listening to the sister workers is refreshing for sure. Bottom line Kingsley is gone from the work. I think the California staff deserves some credit for that. I would say well done on that issue. As far as the Sunday morning meeting issues, let’s hope that the learning curve is extremely short lived on this.

  3. Is it certain that Kingsley was removed from Mountain Ranch convention? It seems there is varied information going around that he was removed from convention, that he never attended convention to the letter above not being from Rob.

      • Were you there? I was. Though I wouldn’t recognize him. The picture was taken before convention.

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  5. I am confident Kingsley had been framed. I have known him very well for many years and can truthfully say that he is an upright man. Why were those sisters not accusing him in the presence of witnesses and stated what made them feel unconfortable? He was never alone with any of them. The same with the 15 year old and her parents? Probably an innocent remark made in the presence of others was taken completely out of context. All he had were allegations but nothing that he was accused of. I am utterly shocked and disappointed by such treatment by OVERSEERS of a highly respected man in his own country!!

    • To Disappointed 50 years ago I was molested by a senior worker and I personally know of many other girls who where as well. Yet to this day that same worker is often talked about in such high regard and still many don’t believe he would have ever done such a thing as they too knew him personally. So I feel that we really don’t know someone even if we feel we do.
      Nobody speaks out about such things easily, but it is because of people like yourself that these things have gone on so long and damaged so many.
      I don’t mean to be critical of you but please let’s see how it works out. I believe where there is smoke there is always fire, just my opinion!!

      • i’m sorry you were abused – i hope you got help and the perpetrator was dealt with to the full extent of the law – your feelings matter hugely – but they do not matter more than facts & as much as they cause you to remember your abuse, this does not give anyone the right to label Kingsley without any evidence – thus far, he has convicted by the court of embittered human opinion

    • There were RED FLAGS or this would not have happened. I do not believe he was “framed” and wonder why you would say that. Since Dean’s death and he was excellent at concealing it except for the poor victims.

    • I have found that the one’s that knows us best are God, spouse, children, and in the worker’s case their co workers. Very close friends aswell but not aswell as the above I believe.
      Infront of these we are usually ourselves.
      Infront of others we usually are on our best behaviour, not because we want to be hypocrites but we just preform what is socially or group wise exceptable.

      • No I am definitely not Kingsley! If that is what you were asking me. A good friend YES!

    • Lets hope it’s just immorality and not criminal, not that I condone immorality.
      It is not easy when thing’s come out about a friend of ours, we feel betrayed.

    • Highly respected in his own country…. well, that’s good. He won’t be coming back to ours! Thanks for reminding us what the typical professing response constitutes. It is helpful to see.

  6. To concernfromAZ…
    No I was not there. I listened in. The Thursday afternoon meeting speaker and the Saturday morning speaker were not the same. Unless there’s a voice double or voice makeover.
    The workers picture was taken on the 25th. Kingsley is the only brother on the photo without a tie. Not that that matters, but perhaps will refresh your memory if he was indeed the Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning meeting(s) senior speaker.
    If I’m wrong in my assessment, I will gladly apologize. This we do know, Kingsley was definitely removed. Based on the letter from Rob.

    • With respect to the ‘tie’ statement. Here is a different take. Maybe Kingsley was on his knees praying and someone came running to get him as they were ready for the picture and realized that he wasn’t there. No time to put on a tie.

  7. You don’t remove a person from a convention ground for no valid reason.They are busy investigating, obviously one can’t leave him going on convention rounds with serious allegations, it could land you in court.
    So let’s be patient.

    • How long will the investigation take before the findings based on witnesses’ accounts are made known?

  8. This is serious name violation of character Kingsley Stone is one of our most respected SA workers and when one has a spontaneous personality allegations of immature girls on their feelings only is unfair and unjust and the Americans have honestly lost a wonderful opportunity of fellowship you should feel ashamed of such unsubstantiated accusations it is appaling that the credibility of KS was treated in this manner and I sincerely hope that he will take this matter further.

    • Thankfully God has seen the complete picture and we haven’t. There were RED FLAGS or this would not have happened. God will take care of this situation in his time not ours.

    • There were really ‘no’ allegations other than some that felt uncomfortable. One statement from someone that was ‘unreliable’ and from a minor that said he ‘admired’ her. I believe that a simple visit with Kingsley could have corrected the problem – and it surely didn’t need the extreme measures that were taken. Like others have said – unless there is something more to this than what has been revealed – I think it was very very sad.

    • The S.A overseers had multipul warnings over many year’s about Kingsley, you need to be upset with them sweeping these allegations under the carpet over the year’s, if they didn’t this could have been prevented.

    • i agree wholeheartedly – i abhor CSA & believe anyone guilty of it should be handed over to authorities – however, Kingsley is a man of exemplary character and his friendly disposition has been used against him by ppl
      who have been told false lies about him – i have no doubt he has been framed and judged by nameless faceless people – he has been labelled and convicted by a court of embittered ppls opinions and i too hope he takes this further – there are enough friends around the world who love and support him – we encourage the mysterious ts from south america to come forward with the evidence – i won’t hold
      my breath

      • before i answer you, i would like to say that even though i do not know who i am corresponding with, i do not mind you questioning me on my identity. I would also like to say that i do not intend to continue persuing this topic after today as it is hardly edifying – i have done what i felt moved to and wrote a long letter in defence of kingsley on the wings for truth website yesterday & i do not intend going on there again.

        to answer your question – i do not know who framed kingsley but i’m sure i don’t have to tell you that unfortunately there are many disenchanted and bitter apostates who have left the meetings and are anxiously waiting for the humiliation of kingsley – The ‘professing pro boards’ website is full of these folks – faceless ppl who hide behind pseudonyms and accusations and untrue claims and many who write openly of their abuse by workers and how they were ignored by the system in the past – while i am dead against child abuse and believe child sex abusers should be dealt with hardly and put away, i am also genuinely sorry for them if they were abused as children and were not believed – having said this, any sensible balanced person would know that the feelings of these embittered folks don’t equal or trump facts and they do NOT make kingsley guilty and no person should just be believed without evidence – that is not how any law or any justice works – There is a lot of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance happening amongst these unhappy folks – before i wrote on the site This past week, In seeking more clarity on the subject, i went onto the forum and when anyone asks about evidence, these embittered keyboard warriors have no evidence ( apart from the wishy washy accusations which Rob Newman refers to ) but they speak of him having been abusing children for years and refer folks to confirm this with a certain person who goes under the pseudonym of ‘TS’ – one of the folks states that TS is an ex-worker and has connections with south africa and south america – In the past, South Africa have sent a number of workers to south america & some have left the work so while i do not know who is lying about Kingsley and who is wrote to the american sister workers and warned them about him before he arrived, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out. I may be wrong but i wouldn’t hold my breath expecting TS to come forward with accusations – this type of behaviour smacks of what is happening in the world today ________________________________

      • As far as identity goes, you just have to click on my initials and you will find out everything you need to know. Find my name and Google it and you will find more. And fyi, I am active in the meetings so I don’t qualify for the “apostate” label.

        I understand your concerns about people with an agenda of one sort or another. My next question is this: if you received two eyewitness accounts, would you believe them or write them off as bitter apostates? I mean, why would anyone want to ruin the reputation of a reputedly blameless nice person? Why would they not pick on one of the nastier workers?

  9. I would just like to point out that Kingsley DID wear a tie on the worker’s foto. Already the info given the opposite is fake. How many other info is fake? Please people get your facts right before you judge and use people for maybe your own benefit.

  10. Many of our workers are on heavy anti depressants. Some of these drugs can cause really weird behavior even in good people. This is probably not a popular opinion but it could explain what happened here if the extent of it is inappropriate comments.

    • Anti-depressants do not cause really weird behavior. If you are bi-polar that can sometimes trigger hypomania if you are not also on mood stabilizers. Anti-depressants do not trigger CSA or inappropriate comments to minors.

  11. My mistake about the tie. I didn’t look closely enough. I do apologize for that and thanks for the correction. I only mentioned that as an identifying feature for those who (myself) would not recognize or know Kingsley. In the small photo I have it appeared he didn’t have a tie on. Sorry again.

  12. Who sre the 5 ladies their names and surnames must also be exposed mr Rob Newman this is not a one sided allegation

    • An anonymous poster saying KS is framed and the ladies names and surnames must be “exposed”. One thing’s for sure…. you’re professing!

    • with respect – this has been handled shockingly – without diminishing the feelings of ppl, facts are more important than feelings and just like CSA can ruin a life, so can false allegations -i am all for child
      abusers being put away and dealt with harshly and those who are making the accusations need to stop hiding in the shadows under fake names and produce the evidence – for their own sakes as well as everyone else’s because like going to the meetings cannot prevent perpetrators from being prosecuted, those who knowingly defame other ppl’s character without evidence will also not be protected

      • Sadly, people are often not who we think they are. And the more friendly, pleasant and personable they are, the easier it is for them to fool people as to who they are. I hope you’re right and KS and many others are found innocent of immorality or criminal acts toward children. And as for this “true ministry” etc. as mentioned, this way was founded by men and even in the early days they were disagreeing and excommunicating each other. We all need to realize that some of what has been taught are lies. Even George Walker (early Eastern US worker/overseer) lied by omission. He knew the original founder personally. And no, I’m not an ex, just a realist who has known about the origins for years and been concerned about the covering up of SA and CSA for even longer.

  13. I think everyone should calm down. To “Disappointed “: sometimes the person we think we know is not that person. I recently saw a Dr Phil show in which a woman found out that her husband was a serial rapist after his car was searched at a routine traffic stop. My point:wait for Cynthia to finish her investigation. Apparently it is known that Kingsley had at least one affair with another sister workers.. so he’s not as straight and narrow as you think..

    • let him who is without sin cast the first stone – i am
      obviously talking about consenting adults here and not child abuse – anyone who abuses a
      child should
      be dealt with by authorities and feel the full extent of the law

  14. i have sat by in horror and despair for the past week watching how an exemplary man’s life and reputation has been cruelly destroyed – and all without evidence thus far. What makes it worse is that it has been allowed & condoned by certain overseers in the USA who have no knowledge of him and his character and whose knee-jerk reaction leaves everything to be desired, least of all, a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. I do not blame anyone for removing kingsley from the grounds on the account of accusations until they had clarity on whether these accusations are accurate or not, because i know that children must be put first and the advice is to remove ppl who have been accused immediately , whether they are guilty or not -for obvious reasons – i have a problem with what has taken place since & the manner in which he was treated like a criminal -being frogmarched onto a plane leaving behind a litany of online accusations and labelling him a pedophile by ppl who have never laid eyes on him and who are in touch with nameless bitter disenchanted people who claim to know of his guilt but have no evidence – and who want to remain anonymous. Let’s deal with it the way it is supposed to be dealt with – to anyone who has evidence – step forward and produce it or call on whoever has the story and they will
    be given an ear – we are waiting – Let me state clearly, if kingsley is guilty of CSA, i would be the first one to say he should be handed over to the authorities and prosecuted – i am a professing mother of 4 and grandmother of 9 who has attended meetings from the cradle & who has grown up living on convention grounds in south africa & am aware of many occasions where workers were put out of the work for both CSA & SA – I am also aware that decades ago, throughout the world, this behaviour amongst workers was not dealt with correctly due to ignorance and i believe that is not the case anymore. I have known kingsley since our teens and our families even spent time together on holidays as youngsters – he is two years my junior & i can vouch for it that he is, and has always been a man of character, discipline and achievements above what most are capable of. i can vouch for
    him as being a very open and transparent friendly person – As a young man in his twenties, His outstanding college & graduation achievements put the world at his feet, but he chose to preach the gospel because he loved the souls of men. I do not live in south africa anymore and my contact with him goes only as far as his weekly general letter – but we have had kingsley stay in our family home on several occasions (when our children were small and adult )and i have no doubt that he has been framed by someone who has an axe to grind – there are many of these such people – believe me! His love for the souls of mankind is what sent him into the harvest field nearly 40 years ago and this pure Godly love is the same love he has for adults and children alike – and to ascribe his interest and care in children as anything else is an error of judgement in my opinion. please note -To any child or adult who has been sexually abused, i’m not minimising your experience and i hope your perpetrator was dealt with to the full extent of the law & i am so sorry this happened to you. I have done some studies on psychology and i know that being abused as a child can ruin a life and often does – and as a mother and grandmother, i am altogether in favour of anyone guilty of this crime to be dealt with harshly – i also want to say to you that your feelings of betrayal & whatever else, matter HUGELY and i hope you get all the assistance and help you need – but i also want to tell you that your feelings do NOT matter more than FACTS ! If I were one of those keyboard warriors who have sat like vultures waiting for a judgement of kingsley and believed the bitter hearsay from nameless people who claim to know of his misdemeanours, i would be very careful to label him, as this is a crime too and just like being a member of the meetings cannot protect an abuser, so you cannot expect to be shielded if you make false allegations which have the potential to ruin someone’s character reputation.
    I have had no contact with kingsley since this has happened, but if if i were him, i would be getting legal advice as to how to go forward – he has a groundswell of love and support from those who love and respect him – not only from south africa but world wide.

    • I was asked not to comment anymore, even though I dont see any problems with my posts, this will be the last.

      People that bring allegations to the workers are in some cases made the scapegoats and are ostracized by the friends and workers, I would forsure not give any one’s name out that in good faith reported a worker.It is not the allegations that is the problem but how it’s handled.

  15. “Just because some who is accused ‘is a nice person’ or ‘has a wonderful testimony’ doesn’t mean they’re not a predator. Predators are clever, intelligent people who also are monsters. Both can be true. My attacker was all of that – but I was a better wrestler and got out from under him before he raped me.”

    Someone posted this on another post, well said!

  16. We know very well that this discontent and division is being driven by bitter apostates who gloat over their ability to manipulate and trick our workers.

    I doubt these 5 sister workers even exist outside the wicked imagination of some letter-writer. I feel so badly for Kingsley to have to endure these false accusations.

    As to the supposed 15 year old, I’ve seen how some of these children look and behave in America to shock and disturb their elders. Does anyone know how this girl was dressed?

    • Hi, minors are NEVER responsible for the actions of adults. Please stop acting like adult men have no control over their thoughts and behavior. Jesus himself said to gouge out your own eyes if you lust. Your way of thinking is very disturbing. Having a wonderful husband, father and brother in law myself I realize not all men are complete animals. Please go to therapy.

    • Victim blaming.. regardless of how a child, teen or adult is dressed the man/worker is responsible for his actions.

    • Don’t let the workers be a part of your foundation, their commission is to point us to Jesus. If we build on Him we will never be shaken.

  17. Hi, minors are NEVER responsible for the actions of adults. Please stop acting like adult men have no control over their thoughts and behavior. Jesus himself said to gouge out your own eyes if you lust. Your way of thinking is very disturbing. Having a wonderful husband, father and brother in law myself I realize not all men are complete animals. Please go to therapy.

  18. What a pastime to keep oneself busy with trying to get workers out of the work who are innocent surely there are more wonderful uplifting balanced activities for pastime

    • How about just humbly saying ” you are right, I have not been with those that have been accused of wrong doings 24/7, so I dont know if they are innocent or not.”

    • Good thing you are anonymous, we might have met in our past lives.
      Knowing Kingsley for 40 years is beside the point. Were there is credible evidence of CSA, SA or sexual immorality, I am glad it is coming to light!

    • The alarms regarding CSA, SA and sexual immorality in this fellowship has been going off for decades, now the ship is sinking and some people are shocked, maybe they really didn’t know, I have empathy for them but for those that knew about it and ignored it, swept it under the carpet or turned a blind eye,
      I have NO respect for you.

  19. Kingsley was never accused of CSA on that forum or anywere else that I know of.
    ts was talking about another worker from S.A that was in the work in South America and was removed.
    I know I said I would stop but I had to correct that untruth.Please double check your statements.


  20. I have personally nothing against Kingsley, I dont know him but have seen him many times.
    I do have a problem with CSA, SA and keeping immoral worker’s in the ministry though.

    Wings- why do you make these e mails public before the person is found guilty, I do find that unfair?

    • What guilt are you looking for? He made 5 sister workers feel “extremely uncomfortable” and was sent home. Those are the facts and kudos for the overseer paying attention to the concerns of sister workers.

      • So BGM, you won’t mind your name being made public if someone said you made them feel uncomfortable?
        The overseer did the right thing, that was not my question, the question was actually addressed to Wings For Truth admin, thanks.

  21. I am dissapointed to hear that you disagree on something that is unfair period. I am suprised this site is not concerned about law suits?

      • How do you know that the e mails you post are authentically from the specific worker?
        How do you know that the content of the
        e mails are true?
        You must have friends in the different
        states sending them to you?
        Why is it taking so long to know what Kingsley is guilty of or not?
        Making people feel uncomfortable or saying something to a 15 year won’t get you convicted of any crime in a court of law, there must be more substantial evidence.

  22. Exactly, at this present moment he is guilty of nothing,neither crime or immorality, thats why I asked why Wings would post the e mail before any concrete evidence?
    The e mail should not have been made public period, no matter how long you argue to the contrary.

    • Maybe you need to reread what you wrote May 8th at 11:48 and May 8th at 11:56. There were concerns of events that at MR.

  23. The point is not that there have been rumors in the past, the point is that this e mail has been made public and Wings for Truth can’t tell us what Kingsley is guilty of?
    I have tried to explain as best as I can, I am signing of.

  24. I am a brother worker (from neither North America or South Africa.)
    Over a decade ago Kingsley was a convention visitor in our country.
    This is my memory. Sister workers had a concern and protective feeling regarding one of their young co-workers (an attractive young woman) because of the ‘interest’ Kingsley took in her. I would say almost 100% that ‘nothing happened'( the sister workers would have seen to that.)
    So it wasn’t such a shock to me that Kingsley left California and returned to South Africa recently.
    I trust that those with responsibility in South Africa will with honesty and integrity consider the concerns and allegations that pertain to Kingsley and do what is right in the sight of God.
    I make no pronouncement of guilt or innocence. Only a plea that this is dealt with in a honest right and godly (and transparent) manner and that Kingsley future regarding a place in our ministry is determined according to that.

  25. I can just say people have gone to the overseers of S.A with allegations about Kingsley in the past, and he was left in the work.
    I myself spoke to Johan Kotzè, Andy Robijn and the other overseer that past away about CSA and sexual immorality back in 2017
    I believe, via e mail, Johan said I must not believe everything on the internet and he send me a sermon about the evils of the internet, I never received a reply from the others or Johan after that and I send them multipul
    e mails concerning this.

  26. Mr Rob Newman,
    If I had your email address I would have sent this letter to you personally. This way you probably never will get to read it.

    I am horrified that a letter of this tone and accompanying treatment by an Overseer (godly and wise man?) could be made public before a person has been convicted by facts, not just allegations. This letter also has the underlying accusation of CSA which is damning!

    Surely no person should have these accusations made public before convicted by facts! What has happened to wisdom??

    An absolute horrified follower of this fellowship.

  27. His overseers are protecting him, why do you ask? I can just guess they have skeletons in their closets aswell?

  28. Yes, Kingsley’s overseer has the same foul reputation that Kingsley does, and they are both playing victim pretending to be surprised and hurt by such things said against them. I trust that whatever this creep said or did to 5 sisters, and to this 15YO girl was disgusting enough to remove a brother worker from convention and meetings stateside. Good Job to the CA staff who said something and followed through with this unprecedented bold step. Both Kingsley and his overseer do not belong in the work, and I hope we never see them again in North America.
    This is the pattern to look for: These creeps are aware of each other. Think of the number of people associated w/ Dean Bruer and at his funeral who have now been removed. Kingsley called John Vandenberg who has been removed. Dale Schultz repeatedly was connected to cases and mishandling them in the US and Canada for 30 years. The same pattern is unfolding this morning with WI and SD overseers. They have swapped CSA perp stomping grounds.

    • They need to all be removed from the work, if they were honest they would have removed themselves decades ago.

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