Childhood Wellbeing – Queensland, Australia 2020 edition

In society, children are valued, and their health, safety and wellbeing is important.

All States and Territories in Australia have laws to keep children safe and ensure their needs are met. Harm in the form of child abuse and neglect can happen to any child or young person in any family, and it can have long-lasting and damaging effects (NSW Communities & Justice, 2019).

Child abuse is any behaviour that harms a child under 18. Child abuse can be a single incident or a number of different incidents that take place over time.


If you suspect child abuse, the Queensland Government provides an online child protection guide that can be used to get the right support at a time of need.

The Queensland Child Protection Guide is an online decision support tool that guides individuals on when to report their concerns or seek family support services.

The guide can be accessed here:


1800 811 810 If you suspect abuse and aren’t sure who to call contact the Child Safety Services Enquiry Unit

1800 177 135 To report abuse to the Child Safety Regional Intake Service General Line.

Family and Child Connect 13 32 64 to access family support, anyone can contact this service for advice and information (including family friends and grandparents)

Parentline 1300 30 1300 a confidential phone service providing counselling and referral services.


Daniel Morcombe Foundation FACT SHEET

Queensland Family and Child Commission

This document is current as of February 2020

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