Child-Safe Policy – NSW and ACT, Australia – 2019 edition

Policy Statement

As a fellowship we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children (under the age of 18). All children have a right to feel and be safe. We are committed to the safety and well-being of all children. We will ensure that a caring and appropriate response is initiated should abuse or suspicion of abuse occur.

This policy was written with a focus on children who come into contact with or are part of the fellowship.

The testimony of our fellowship is supported and maintained by an open and transparent policy.


The safety, welfare and well-being of children is paramount; we believe children should never experience abuse of any kind.

  • We are committed to conduct ourselves in a way that protects and safeguards children from any possible harm.
  • We are committed to support and respect the healing of survivors of abuse within, or who were once part of, the fellowship.
  • We have zero tolerance to abuse and will comply with reporting requirements of any suspicion of abuse, on reasonable grounds, to the authorities.
  • There will never be any attempt to manage reported abuse within the fellowship.
  • We encourage reporting of any suspected abuse, on reasonable grounds.
  • To report in NSW (can be anonymously), phone Department of Family & Community Services Child Protection Helpline 132111. In ACT phone Child & Youth Protection Services – 1300 556 729.

We recognise parental responsibility for providing education and boundaries to maintain child safety. We will respect any boundaries parents have in place. We encourage open conversation and education in families around child safety.

We expect members of the fellowship to keep children safe.

This policy will be available to people participating in the fellowship.

Any person under investigation or convicted of an offence against a child will not be permitted to participate in activities that provide access to children.

We support a ministry that is itinerant and relies on the support of the fellowship to enable the Gospel to be shared.

All Workers have a responsibility to be aware of and support all aspects of a child-safe environment. They will undertake the following:

  • Complete child-safe training every 3 years.
  • Complete police checks every 3 years.
  • Adhere to this policy and the Workers’ Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure they are respectful of and acknowledge the rights of children, at all times.
  • Complete appropriate training before joining the staff in NSW.


We will ensure biennial review of this policy or as required.

We will maintain record keeping in respect of governance of the requirements of this policy.

All Workers will complete the appropriate training before commencing in the Gospel work and will be provided with the Workers’ Code of Conduct.

All Workers will be provided with NSW & ACT regulations and information in regard to reporting requirements. Visiting Workers will be provided with a copy of this policy and the Workers’ Code of Conduct.

Developed and endorsed for NSW & ACT July 2019. Review due 2021.


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