Merlin Affleck letter re Walter Burkinshaw and Aaron Farough – March 2021

March 6, 2021

Dear fellow workers.
Please share one copy of this letter with each elder in your field.

It is important to be open, honest, and transparent regarding the recent occurrences of negative impact that have evolved in the past while. Please ask the elders not to make copies of this letter or forward it digitally but if anyone comes to them with concerns they can discuss it verbally. To avoid speculation these matters to which we refer pertain to the actions of Walter and Aaron only. In disseminating this Information, strive to use the language as it is written herein. While each have a right to know the facts, discretion must be exercised as these matters are now under investigation by the appropriate legal authorities and we all have a legal obligation not to interfere with the process. The following Information can be shared.


  • Allegations against Walter involving children are being investigated by the appropriate legal authorities and he is willingly cooperating.
  • Allegations against Aaron concerning the viewing of child pornography are in the hands of legal authorities.
  • Both men have been removed from the Worker’s List and will not be involved in any Gospel work.
  • Walter resides in a private senior home in Wainwright, Alberta.
  • Aaron working a an electrician and resides with his parents in FSJ
  • The law provides excellent provisions to ensure the safety of all children.

Moving Forward

  • All BC Staff are enrolled in a Sexual Abuse Awareness Education course.
  • The BC Staff will be educated and understand the contents of BC Child Protection laws.
  • All workers in BC will be provided with the Worker’s Code of Conduct, and will read it, understand it, and adhere to it fully and completely. This policy will be reviewed annually.
  • All workers will be issued a copy of the Child Safe Policy.
  • Any victims will be encouraged to seek help from the appropriate Provincial authorities.
  • All BC staff will report any suspected child abuse to the appropriate authorities.

We appreciate your understanding and help in this matter and as further factual information comes to bear; we will update our lines of communication.

Sincerely, Paul & Merlin

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