Jim Holt letter to NC, VA and MD workers and elders March 2023

Dear Staff and elders,

Elders, please share this with any in your meeting that you would know that are distressed about these things.  

Many of you have heard about the sad and distressful situation that arose in the Northwest about Dean Bruer. Dean passed away a few months ago, but evidence has come to light that he was living an immoral deceitful life.

We are thankful that the NW workers who are responsible for dealing with the matter are actively doing so, and seeking to be helpful as they can.

Some here are wondering what we are doing in our area to seek to prevent that from happening here.

Several years ago some of the older brothers here in the eastern states attended some seminars and then held “safety meetings” with the different staffs.  The purpose of this was to help us be aware of the dangers of sexual abuse against children or adults, and our responsibilities of reporting such to the authorities.

We also learned about things pertaining to boundaries and safe behavior.

We also want adults to feel free to talk to us if they are a victim of sexual abuse by a worker or one of the friends. We feel it is important for these things to be dwelt with.

I continue to require our staff to take an on-line “Ministry Safe” course every two years or so. My last certificate is dated June 18, 2021, so I plan to soon take the course again.

One verse that has often been a help to me is what Jesus told Peter in John 21:22, “Follow thou Me”. Another verse I am thankful for is: 2 Timothy 2:19,

“Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are His. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.”

I want you to know that if there are any of you that would like to talk with me I am willing to do so. Some may wish to talk with a worker on the staff that you are more acquainted with. Our preference is for a face to face meeting, but we would accept a phone call as second best.

Your brother,

Jim Holt

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