March 2013 update

The redeveloped WINGS website was launched in February 2013. It uses the WordPress ‘Misty Lake’ Theme, which aims to have a clear modern layout and have a format that is suitable for mobile phone and tablet usage. If the layout seems strange, we suggest that you consider upgrading your browser to the latest version.

If the print format displays the complete menu at the top of the page we suggest that you use the ‘Print This Page’ button near the bottom of the page in the ‘Share or Print’ section. It uses the technology of to print a nicely formatted page, either to your printer or to a pdf file.

If you would like to read just the latest news posts on the site, you might like to use a news reader. Google Reader is closing on 1st July but any other reader can access the RSS feed which is available from the sidebar on the Wings home page, or you can link to Feedly at seems to work well.

Recent changes to the site since it was rewritten include adding several convicted offenders, 2 of them historical but they had been missed from the new site:

Doug Martin 2013
Anthony Siegel July 2012
Ray Bullick – 1997

The Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse started yesterday. We will post key items on the Wings website.

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