Anthony Nathan Siegel

St Louis Post-Dispatch July 17, 2012: St. Charles man gets 10 years for sexual contact with girls

A St. Charles man was sentenced to 10 years in prison today after admitting he had sexual contact with two female relatives younger than 14 beginning in 2006.

Anthony N. Siegel, 41, of the 1000 block of Picardy Lane, pleaded guilty in St. Charles County Circuit Court in May to first-degree statutory sodomy and first-degree child molestation, both felonies.

The girls’ father, speaking at the sentencing hearing, said he had asked his daughters what he should tell the judge. “He should be behind bars so I can sleep,” he said one of the girls told him. He said the girls have had numerous nightmares since the incidents and only found solace in the few days Siegel was in jail after he was arrested and before he was released on bond.

Siegel’s attorney, Leland Smith, argued for probation, saying his client was at a low risk for reoffending. Prosecutor Becky Shaffar had asked the judge to cap the sentence at ten years, saying Siegel had been manipulative and presented himself as a “nice guy” to friends and other family members.

“I don’t see true remorse here,” Circuit Judge Lucy Rauch said before pronouncing her sentence. “I wish we had a fix for people like this who choose to gratify themselves at the expense of those who cannot speak for themselves.”

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