Royal Commission into CSA in Australia

The Australian Federal Government has commenced a Royal Commission inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in Australian institutions.

Comments can be found in the Royal Commission section of the WINGS forum.
A Royal Commission has the highest possible powers and can require people to attend and give evidence.

The enquiry will take several years to be completed.
WINGS will post updates on the Australian Government Inquiries page.

Sermon by New Zealand worker on dealing with CSA

New Zealand worker Graham Thompson’s sermon at Auckland Special Meetings provides clear guidance for other workers. Criminal acts should be dealt with by the legal authorities and should not be hidden.

Read the notes here Sermon by New Zealand worker on dealing with CSA

Government Inquiry in Victoria, Australia

A Government inquiry, into the handling of child abuse by religious and other organisations, has commenced in Victoria, Australia.

Submissions, which closed on 21 September 2012, are available here. Of the 370 submissions received by the Inquiry, 80 have been published with many more (both public and private) still being analysed by the Commission.

Details of hearings (which commenced in October 2012) and transcripts are available here. New transcripts are provided after they have been checked by witnesses.