Jail Sentence For Historic Sexual Abuse By Worker

Robert Noel Tanner was sentenced in a Northern Ireland court to one year in prison for offenses that occurred between 1973 and 1975.


Noel Tanner’s victim wrote about the abuse here:


It’s encouraging to see that secular authorities treat historic sexual abuse seriously, sending a clear signal that it will not be tolerated by society.


Articles in ‘The Age’ – Melbourne, Australia

Two newspaper articles were published in The Age on 23 September 2013 by Chris Johnston,  Senior Writer.

Sect leader to face 12 child sex counts

A Fairfax Media investigation has established senior members of the sect knew of the allegations yet promoted him, in 1991, to the senior position of ”worker”, or minister – meaning he was travelling throughout Victoria and Tasmania and staying in family homes as a ”missionary”.

Friends and enemies, truth and lies

They have no churches or headquarters, no written policies or doctrines. But this secretive Victorian-based religious sect is again in the spotlight for sexually abusing its own child members.

Resources For Physical & Emotional Abuse & Neglect

New Content: WINGS is focused on child sexual abuse but we are deeply concerned about every type of abuse to children.

Several readers have asked for information related to child physical abuse (CPA), emotional abuse and neglect, so we’ve added a number of useful links here:

Parent Resources

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Doug Martin 2013 https://wingsfortruth.info/breaking-the-silence-2/convicted-csa-offenders/douglas-martin/
Anthony Siegel July 2012 https://wingsfortruth.info/breaking-the-silence-2/convicted-csa-offenders/anthony-siegel/
Ray Bullick – 1997 https://wingsfortruth.info/breaking-the-silence-2/convicted-csa-offenders/ray-bullick/

The Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse started yesterday. We will post key items on the Wings website.

Royal Commission into CSA in Australia

The Australian Federal Government has commenced a Royal Commission inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in Australian institutions.

Comments can be found in the Royal Commission section of the WINGS forum.
A Royal Commission has the highest possible powers and can require people to attend and give evidence.

The enquiry will take several years to be completed.
WINGS will post updates on the Australian Government Inquiries page.