Perry Pearson clarification re Eric Nelson

Dear friends,

This letter is to provide clarification and an apology for any misunderstanding I created in my prior letter. We are prepared to take a firm stand against CSA. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the Dakota workers. As workers, we are seeking to be available, compassionate and attentive to your needs and concerns.

On Monday May 22, 2023, I shared a letter with the SD friends stating that I was aware of allegations being made against Eric Nelson and the plan moving forward. Questions have arisen regarding the statement that Mr. Nelson not attend any meetings for the remainder of 2023.

In trying to establish a standard practice for CSA, I sought legal counsel. It was legally advised that we restrict alleged perpetrators from ALL fellowship for a “specified length of time”. It was suggested that 6 months to a year would be appropriate to see what information is gathered. If there is a court case, there will be clear legal guidelines and restrictions for fellowship. If there isn’t a court case, then we will have to decide what is appropriate moving forward. What will be appropriate is what is the safest for all in attendance. I did not state that Mr. Nelson will be freed from all restrictions and able to attend meetings in 2024.

All of the friends in SD, particularly those presented with this situation, have been notified regarding allegations against Mr. Nelson. This was with the purpose that potential victims would be notified of the allegations to prevent future harm and any additional victims would be encouraged to come forward.

We workers deeply care about these issues, and we make a passionate plea for all victims of CSA/SA to seek resources to begin a healthy journey toward recovery. The Dakota workers support you and will respect your confidentiality in this process. The following resources have been recommended by a professional in the field,


Perry Pearson

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is an anti-sexual violence organization. They can be visited at RAINN also operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE for adult victims of sexual abuse. The number to……

8 thoughts on “Perry Pearson clarification re Eric Nelson

  1. I can imagine that it’s hard for someone brand new to dealing with this to know how to word things appropriately. I do appreciate this clarification.

  2. I find it frustrating these overseers & workers are sharing a link to RAINN when if you call it you’re likely to be on hold for over an hour. How about this share a website where you can get nearly immediate help & resources.
    Please let’s share a resource that can get these victims help much more quickly.

      • Give it a break….. No they are not on this…. They have been told RAINN is not a viable resource if someone needs help quickly yet they continue to post it. If you actually care about victims, as they claim to, you will not do these passive aggressive moves. Sorry I’m not in agreement with you at all.

      • Agree 100%
        So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard see germinates and roots itself.

      • Dear Give it a Break,

        Have you ever looked into a child’s eyes after they have been SA’d? I hope you never have to! There is no break, there is no time to take it easy, there is no time to waist while these ppl (ministers) work on it. The communication is utterly disgusting, allowing predators among sheep to hurt, kill and destroy is deplorable.

        Tell that to a survivor of CSA/SA, “give it a break” young one – while I have access to you again and again and again. These types of predators do not rehabilitate.

        If you are not part of the solution – you are part of the problem. Change must be now!

  3. I keep reminding myself that 90% plus of Workers and friends are good people.
    What is being exposed is well overdue and required.
    Yes, I agree with comments made about some Workers who display superior spiritual arrogance and have not got Servants hearts.
    In scripture it records that the people searched to make sure the teachings reflected that in which was being preached to them.
    For me if it doesn’t line up with scripture, I have never been afraid of telling them.

    Re ongoing Cult accusation;
    I have had to defend the “Cult” accusation in a Court of Law in a Family Court more than once. I have had over the years Clinical Physiologist’s and Child Lawyers in my home assessing me and separately interviewing children. 3 different very experienced Clinical Physiologists.
    They dismissed the “Cult” accusation every time.
    So I am sticking with our beautiful Sunday Morning Fellowship and every other blessing I have enjoyed for 50 years despite some flaws and mistakes by some.
    In my profession I have had a lifetime of dealing with religion, culture and race and have a in depth knowledge of their belief structure’s and practices. I know Ministers of other Religions well and have other practicing Christian’s as friends.
    I don’t agree with a-lot of things associated with their ways, but that’s for a loving supreme God to judge.

    I DO NOT BELIEVE we are the only ones that are saved.

    However, I do know that I am totally committed to doing everything in my power to stay in this fellowship and serve in my place to the best of my ability with love until the day I die.

  4. I agree..they are trying..walk awhile in the shoes of those innocent ones who are being blamed, ridiculed, downtrodden, slammed, and are truly innocent. There are still those workers who are innocent and sister workers who are humble, kind, meek and loving.

    So often we think that to be encouragers we have to produce great words of wisdom when, in fact, a few simple syllables of sympathy and an arm around the shoulder can often provide much needed comfort..remember there are sister and brother workers who feel the pain too and innocent.

    1 John 4:19 We love because He first loved us.

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