Jim Atcheson letter to workers and friends – April 2023

April 29, 2023

Dear fellow workers and friends……

We’ve felt the need to write you, but haven’t known what to write.

It is a few weeks since we delivered to the workers, the very painful message that there had been another side to the life of Dean Bruer that none of us knew anything about. It wasn’t until some time after his passing that anything concerning his moral life was brought to light.

We’ve had to bring you yet another grievous message, this one concerning Mark Huddle and his inappropriate behaviour with children on a number of occasions. As soon as Mark was approached with the allegations he stepped down from looking after the oversight in Washington. When more details became evident, he stepped down from his place in the work, which of course was the appropriate thing to do.

Now, two more situations burden us deeply. John VanDenBerg from the California staff and John Mastin from Washington have been asked to step down from the work because of crimes against children.

I would say there was no connection between these situations, apart from the fact that these men, by times let their human nature rule, rather than the Spirit of God.

Our great concern is for the victims in each case and we want to offer them understanding, support and care. Of course we have great pain in our own hearts when we consider these situations and we beg that each of you would let these horrible experiences draw you nearer to God. May our own desperation make each of us diligent in seeking God’s help and comfort for our own needs & the needs of all in this situation. An experience such as this can urge us to pray for more Godly love and a growing faith.

We recognize the necessity of being transparent in such matters and so we feel the need of sharing these details with you. Our own staff of workers have all taken the Ministry Safe course and this gives us a little awareness of what might be warning signs. It makes us acquainted with our responsibilities if we become aware of such a situation and it also teaches us what to do, to live safely.

We are asking our Sunday morning meeting elders to relay this letter to you and we want you to feel comfortable in approaching them & their wives or approaching the workers you know best, if you have concerns. Please let us know if you’d like to take the Ministry Safe course, as it is available to all.

Your brother in Him,      Jim Atcheson


15 thoughts on “Jim Atcheson letter to workers and friends – April 2023

  1. Jim says above “these men (Mr. VanDenBerg, Mr. Mastin, Mr. Bruer), by times let their human nature rule, rather than the Spirit of God” to commit CSA. I strongly disagree. God gave each of us a human nature to PROTECT the young, not HARM them. The excuse given by Cult leadership for CSA/SA used to be Judas, now it is “human nature”.

    • 👍 Agreed. But I still question your use of the word “cult”.
      The only similarity I see between 2x2s and “cult” is IF 2×2’s idolize a human. Like a Jim Jones. Pope. Joseph Smith. Jacob Hutter. George Walker.
      The vast majority of people I know as “2×2’s” don’t blindly follow a humans instruction. Sadly, some do/did and the results appear to be disastrous.
      OT, NT, today.
      Calling these people “cult” is like saying anyone who believes something other than yourself is a cult. I appreciate your thoughts and effort in supporting elimination of this evil CSA in ANY “cult” .
      Calling 2×2’s a “cult” does NOTHING to unite people against rioting this out. I’ve seen other posts by Spartan using the term. I think it’s wrong and somewhat offensive, BUT each to his own “cult” whatever their beliefs may be.
      And no need to recommend more readings by more authors. Don’t wanna debate, just expressing my opinion.

      • Please goggle “Signs You’re in a Cult, Not a Church”. The site lists 10 criteria for “Signs You’re Probably in a Cult” and the 2x2s meet every one. It was an offensive term for me to hear also when I was a dedicated “friend” for 50 plus years. Mainstream religions such as the Jehovah Witness and the Mormons are classified as cults, so do not feel bad. Both of those groups have a lot of wonderful people. Thus, nothing more needs to be said since this is not a CSA/or SA issue.

  2. Seems like we can all agree we don’t know what’s going on? We’ve asked for transparency and we’ve received scripture and “thoughts and prayers” equivalents.
    I really want to know what we collectively “believe” as a group/church. If this is the True Way we should all have the exact same beliefs. What are they? I’ve been told in my many decades of professing that “God put dinosaur bones on earth to trick us”, “Jesus drank non alcoholic wine”, “Earth is somewhere around 10,000 years old”, “”dinosaurs WERE NOT real”…on and on. I’d love to know what we all believe? Should be no fear in answering. Submit your emails to truthquestions23@gmail.com if you want to remain anonymous, I encourage you to create a new email.
    Ps. I’m not the devil. Nor am I dressed in sheep’s clothing.

  3. Head worker Jim states, “ Our own staff of workers have all taken the Ministry Safe course and this gives us a little awareness of what might be warning signs”. A little awareness? These are significant events taking place that are forever damaging victims and Jim says they now have a little awareness about who’s a predator, possibly? This is NOT acceptable. In the Bible I have NEVER read of anyone being a sexual predator that was supposed to be a followers of Christ Jesus and spreading His message. Nobody! Why is there so many “workers “ that are sexual predators destroying way too many kids lives? Answer: Just like Jim, it’s their “human nature “ ruling them. Human nature? Even animals behave better than the excuse Jim gave for his demented co-workers actions. Jim obviously doesn’t have a clue about how kids should be treated, protected and cared for. It is NOT HUMAN NATURE TO HURT KIDS!!! Any rational sane person would not have a worker in the same room with a child after hearing Jim’s pathetic comments. Workers need to get a real job so they have something to occupy their minds other than how they can satisfy themselves with all their free time. That is why so many kids are being molested. There are way too many creeps with way too much time and way too much access to kids. Oh, and plus these guys have nothing to do with Christ Jesus.

  4. It’s very clear — “the truth” religion is not Bible based. It is a cult, with head worker made up rules. Rules dictate who can get baptized and who can NOT. The Bible teaches all who have those wanting to be baptized were. Rules are also in place to ensure a dress code, women’s hairstyle, not having a TV, but instead a smart phone or iPad. These are head worker made rules. William Irvine, the first head worker in this cult, set the standard for overseers today. And, the workers are NOT servants! They are authoritarians, enforcing their rules while they live in your house and get your best food and best treatment. At the yearly conventions the workers sit at a specially designated dining table, with specially prepared foods, and special service. Kind of like the best table at the banquet. The workers sit in the very front, at the large annual conventions to be recognized. Just like Matthew 23:6 with the scribes and Pharisees, the workers, “love the uppermost places at feasts and the chief seats in the synagogues”. It all started with William Irvine and his ideas! It’s William Irvine’s way — or “The Way”.

    • None of us need a diatribe from you. Friends or ex friends. We are aware of the shortcomings and are committed to change
      People are sharing their concerns and hurts and frustration.
      Others are sharing their experiences with great courage.
      We all want transparency and honesty – by staying in our faith and fighting to uphold truth and finding justice for the victims of appalling crime and showing support.
      We are not hiding despite our collective sadness and shame.
      Your post is not helpful or constructive.

    • Dear Now peace, joy and Jesus, I agree with you. I also feel that, sadly, the workers have gone from ministers and servants to authoritarians…all about ‘submission’ to them and their rules (opinions), which vary. I’m not bitter, but dissapointed. Being older now I’ve seen the evolutions of these things over the decades and it saddens my heart.

  5. Sad friend says, “ a diatribe” was spoken on my behalf? It’s not a bitter out burst, it’s the truth. Don’t the workers get special privileges, attention, special foods and favors at a special table at conventions? Don’t they sit in the very front of the large crowd at conventions? Why is all that attention necessary?Jesus feed the crowd bread and fish. He, nor his disciples sat at the front of a specially prepared table and said “feed me”. Where is that talked of in the Bible, the Word of God, except for Matthew 23:6 with the scribes and Pharisees? They “love the uppermost places at feasts and the chief seats in the synagogues”. I stand by the Word of God and it is not a diatribe. Thinking your special and being served is NOT being a servant!

    • Dear For Children, I’m sorry for what you’ve experienced. I’ve not had your experience and I’m sorry for the perceptions and impressions you’ve received. In my convention experiences, the workers are killing themselves making sure the convention runs smoothly for the rest of us. I can’t imagine it would be so practical for them to take random seats in the congregation when they are often cooking during meeting or having to speak some meetings. We unfortunately have some who have abused their place and given a bad name to the work, and we are actively seeking to rectify that and make sure their victims receive care. I can feel your bitterness and if you or your children are victims of CSA/SA, I beg you to please contact help without delay as you didn’t deserve what happened to you. Unloading on a website like this might feel therapeutic, but it doesn’t really do anything to fix anything. But those calling a hotline have taken down workers at amazing speed.

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