Ronda Stidolph leaves the work


Ronda was in South America for quite a few years, before returning to USA.

This anouncement doesn’t mention any reasons. WINGS believes that the reasons are likely to become public and also believes that they do not relate to CSA.

Dear friends,

I have voluntarily stepped aside from the Work.

Someone said in a workers’ mtg a long time ago, that our goal shouldn’t be to stay in the Work until we die but to become like Jesus. That’s a true goal for all of us! Though my position in the Body changes, my connection with the Head, Christ Jesus, and also my salvation, remains unchanged and grows richer with time. I asked someone who’d stepped aside from the Work once, “Do you feel like you have more fruit or less fruit?”. His response was, “I have different fruit”. That will now be a part of my journey too.

Your sister,

Ronda Stidolph


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